[b3258/Canary] "gameEventTriggered" shows the wrong game event when entering a vehicle

1. Client (production/canary) and FXServer version:
b3258 Canary v8865 / “FXServer-master SERVER v1.0.0.8851 win32”

2. What you expected to happen:
gameEventTriggered should send a “CEventNetworkPlayerEnteredVehicle” event whenever a players enters a vehicle, client-side.

3. What actually happens:
Instead, gameEventTriggered sends a “CEventNetworkPlayerActivatedSpecialAbility” whenever a players enters a vehicle. This is not correct.

4. Category of bug (eg. client, server, weapons, peds, native):
client / game events.

5. Reproducible steps, preferably with example script(s)

--lua, client-side.
AddEventHandler('gameEventTriggered', function (name, args)
    if name == "CEventNetworkPlayerEnteredVehicle" then

Add that code in any client script, and enter any vehicle.

Fixed in fix(five): game events for 3258 · citizenfx/fivem@39e1a83 · GitHub