AXFW | INVENTORY | FREE | RELEASE (QBCore,More Coming Soon!)

Hey there, really awesome looking Inventory! Got it to work more or less on our server. We can’t use weapons for example (I saw you write about a future update where “the use of weapons” will be included, so is it really currently not able to use weapons?

Also is there an easy way to let a description show under the name of the item when hovering over it?

But once again, for you to release that for free, I have to thank you so much! Other people would want 50$ for Inventories like this :sweat_smile: Thanks so much!

any ETA on standalone? As we use a custom framework and your inventory looks great. Thank you!

Yes the current inventory does not have a use for weapon at the moment which will be added in the future update because many of you guys have requested it, Glad you liked my inventory

The Standalone version should be released in the coming month…Glad you liked my inventory

is there a way to limit the weight and slots? tried to edit it, but i can still use more weight and slots

are you talking about stashes or player inventory?..

i mean weight and slots of player inventory