AWRP | VORP | Strict RP | Texas & Louisiana | Custom Scripts | Robberies | Law Enforcement | Politics

American West Roleplay is dedicated to providing a true Wild West RP experience. This server is based off the Red Dead Redemption 2 mod of RedEm. For those looking to be part of this server, please make sure you have a legal copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. This process to setup is a little bit different than FiveM, so we will have a complete guide on exactly how to set-up the mod. We expect to have AWRP out in November of 2020.

Website: Coming Soon

  • Map split into two states
  • Politics system
  • Functional/Operational and robbable trains
  • Law enforcement; US Marshals, Sheriffs, Police & Deputies
  • Jail
  • 20+ custom jobs and gigs
  • Bank/Store Robberies
  • Custom Map Designs/Additions
  • and so much more!