Awful place

I have been in this server since its very first release back in August of 2021. This was my first and what was going to be my forever home but that changed. Throughout my time playing on this server I have made lots of friends, but where are they? Banned, kicked, left, or forced out. The owner doesn’t work with the community, doesn’t actively join them in the city, doesn’t see it from the community’s perspective, and just ignores people. On top of that Staff do what they want, abuse their powers to power game, metagame, and cheat. They also ban bait people, don’t allow for any actual growth to RP plot lines, and they play favorites to anyone close. Staff also break the immersion of this “Serious RP Server’’ more than anyone else. PD is complete trash. They have no respect for the community, meta all their RP situations (crim scenes, traffic stops, evidence gathering, backup requests, promotions, training, etc) and power-game to benefit themselves with the help of the awful DOJ (who think they are cops, not lawyers, and take the side of the cops instead of law, order, and ethics). On top of everything it is an overpriced pay to play which is a waste of your hard earned cash. This server lets anyone join, is a complete free-for-all, and no one does anything good or constructive for the progress of Roleplay. So coming from a seasoned FiveM player and an ex-member of this community then DON’T JOIN THIS ONE if you are looking for a server with real and fun roleplay. FIND A DIFFERENT ONE!


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