Awakened County Roleplay

Awakened County Roleplay is one of the most professional and immersive Red Dead Redemption 2 communities around, offering a wide array of fun and rewarding, challenges, events and activities to build a lively and fulfilling atmosphere for our members. We have just opened our doors to the public in June 2022.

Become a Civilian in the thriving, bustling streets of Saint Denis, or take up residence in the barren county land. Help expand the Awakened economy throughout tasks, events, and other interesting and unique opportunities offered to you as you climb the meaningless wealth ladder of life, working hard for that quick buck.

Maybe you would prefer to act out your own, less fulfilling destiny and get stuck in an ever-spiraling life of crime, just to be hunted down by the Counties most valuable Lawman or Bounty Hunters. Awakened County experience adds to members creative ideas and fantasies.

A detailed and well-regulated Law Enforcement Structure is also offered to the members of our community, allowing for the growth and development of the county. Start out as a rookie deputy, with a wide arrange of detailed and realistic duties.

Here in Awakened, we have professional and thriving medical core that are trained in all kinds of First Aid and Medical procedures, that will be effective in a wide range of the intense and sometimes bizarre callouts you will encounter day after day. In-depth training manuals hand made by the department command staff can provide crucial information at any given time, paring this with other well trained medical or lawman personnel and scenarios are endured to run better than you have seen.

Stables that allow horse trainers to train your horse safely, professionally and fast. Choose what kind of horse you want as your partner in the open country, and outfit your horse with saddles, holsters, saddle bags, masks etc…

It is our privilege to work with such an amazing group of individuals that offer insights to so many different walks of life we may never get to see outside your doorstep, and we would like to thank all our dedicated members for putting us where we are today. We greatly encourage any individuals deliberating over choosing our server and to realize just what potential our non-profit community has to offer you. For the players by the players!!


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