Average Speed Cameras - London Studios - Configurable - [MPH]/[KM/H] - Unlimited Cameras - Standalone [Paid Resource]

It’s a shame I don’t put fines, otherwise it would be perfect


This is something you can easily add to the resource - we can assist you with doing this.

London Studios

Hello. I bought this script from the website. Now i bought it for a old server of mine which i then left as a developer. Now i am looking gat taking this script and changing the whitelist ip of it how do i go about doing this i can access the discord it says i am banned for some reason.


Contact us through direct message on the forum.

London Studios


What forum this forum? or the website london studios?

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You can click on our profile here on the FiveM forum and message us.

London Studios

What would the possibility be of add different colored cameras? Such as ones that blend into the landscape a bit better vs bright yellow. Maybe camera variation in the config file?

Probably still going to pick this up either way, but would be a nice addition.

We’ve now updated this resource with the following:

  • Ability to restrict this to not activate on certain vehicle classes, such as police (class 18)
  • Ability to make the player’s screen flash in the config file
  • Ability to enable numberplates on the Discord logs
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I dont know why but I dont get caught in the speed cams it tells me limit of 70 but i drive with 200 kmh and nothing happens and also no errors…

How can I link with my database for vRP / ESX?

TriggerEvent('esx_billing:sendBill132', source, 'society_police', _U('police'), amount, true)

Hello ! Did you have the solution?

how to link?

New Auth System

Average Speed Update - Authentication System

Hey all!

We just wanted to update all existing and new customers to the fact that we are now using the Tebex Escrow System for our resources. This means all resources are now linked to your FiveM Keymaster and increases security for our customers. If you are an existing customer, you’ll need to head to Keymaster here.

After downloading the resources, make sure to configure them and then they’ll be ready to go. For more information on the new Escrow system, see the post here.

Please note that you must be on server artifacts version 4752 for this to work. If you need any help, send us a message.

Hello LondonStudios I purchase your script but i have small problem

I got this problem in console [ SCRIPT ERROR: @speedcams/sv_averagespeed.lua:15: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘_U’) ]

Help me please!

Could you DM us with your email address used at checkout so I can look into this for you further?

London Studios

this work for version es_extended v1.2 ?