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10/10 i endorse this server :smiley:


This has been my home server from the beginning of my GTA RP and I’ve been blessed to be able to watch the server and the community grow over the time the city has been around. This city has gotten me through some bad times. Love the folks here!


Great server with a wonderful EMS and Police Service. I’ve been in the city for about 2 months and had nothing but good interactions, even when getting taken hostage by criminals


More updates have been pushed this week!

  1. Casino fix - removed ipl loaded casino from island update.
  2. Readded Advanced repair kits back to stores. (due to lack of mechanics in the city.)
  3. A few EMS updates.
  4. Added laser tag @ postal 797
  5. Fix stash bug.
  6. Give item button added to inventory.
  7. Made patreon taxi compatible with taxi job.
  8. Fixes Larry’s used car sales.
  9. Added Rockstart Editor support, use /record to open the menu.
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Website updated: https://avalanche-rp.com & new stuff has been added:

Gangs - New gang territories.
Gangs - New gang houses.
Map - added trees to lower LS.
Drugs - Weed grown, reduced time it takes per stages.
Drugs - Corner selling, Reduced the % you get robbed by NPC’s.
Update to Gun Crafting table
Updated police radar (edited)
Added adjustable radio volume on the radio GUI.
Fix bicycle’s no longer showing hot wire message.
Fix HUD for 4k screens.
Optimized, fixed, and reworked ATM Robbery’s
Fixed police vehicle spawn
Fixed police app (removed access from new jobs)
Fix bicycle removing from all players when other player returns one.

And so much more…

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Patch Notes 1/2

Phone update:

  • Phone UI updated.
  • Housing app fixed (sell and transfer property).
  • Messages fixed.
  • Emote support added.
  • Twitter saves messages and images.
  • Rework to the camera system.
  • Camera gallery app added (testing).
  • Contacts (no more losing them).
  • Add image support.
  • Crypto app updated (testing).


  • New slots game.
  • New roulette game.
  • New Lucky-wheel added.


  • Removed Christmas lights.
  • Added legion square back to the old one.

Patch Notes 2/2

  • New target system
  • New pet system (with police support)
  • New police cars (testing)
  • New advanced fishing system
  • New and improved hunting system
  • New stealable street signs

Weed system:

  • Fixed plantpot stacking (visual) glitch
  • Reduced growth timer (75% faster)
  • Increased time required for plant nutritions

A new drug system incoming, will post an update soon!