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Our Discord!- https://discord.gg/sBB3n6r
Our Server- cfx.re/join/vbbgvk or
Our Website- https://www.avalanche-rp.com/

Avalanche RP was launched in August of 2020 with the hopes of bringing like-minded individuals together in one place to participate in fun, mature, and serious roleplay. The development team has spent many months working to build up a community that offers a unique experience for both old and new players alike to call home.

For a short time, our doors will remain open for everyone, allowing anyone that wants to come to explore the city a chance to do so without the need to fill out a whitelist application, but we plan to go fully whitelisted within the next few months.

Our goal is to offer a place for people to create characters that they are attached to, to evolve and grow their characters and become a story within the community, not just another face in the crowd.

So what do we have to offer? Below will be a list of jobs/things you can do within our city, we are an active dev team that is always looking to add new and fun things to better everyone’s RP experience.

Jobs (non-whitelisted)

  • :truck:Trucker
  • :taxi:Taxi
  • 👷‍♂️Tow Truck Driver
  • :newspaper:News Reporter
  • :articulated_lorry:Garbage collector
  • :dollar:Security (Brinks)
  • :taco:Taco Shop
  • :mailbox_with_mail:GoPostal
  • :computer:I.T Job
  • :pizza:Pizza Delivery
  • :pig:Pig Slaughterhouse
  • :chicken:Chicken Slaughterhouse
  • :evergreen_tree:LumberJack


  • :policeman:Police
  • :ambulance:EMS
  • :man_mechanic:Mechanics
  • :red_car:Car Dealer
  • :man_office_worker:Lawyer
  • :man_judge:Judge
  • :blue_car:Driving Instructor
  • :house:Real Estate
  • :lab_coat:Doctor
  • :gun:Gangs


  • :diving_mask:Diving
  • :dart:Darts
  • :fishing_pole_and_fish:Fishing
  • :pick:Gold Mining
  • :pick:Mining
  • :deer:Hunting
  • :slot_machine:Gambling
  • 🏌️‍♂️⛳️Golfing
  • :tiger:Piggy back
  • :hotdog:Hotdog vender
  • 👷‍♂️Forklift
  • :apple:Fruit picking
  • :cow2:Cow milking
  • :racing_car:RC Cars
  • :performing_arts:Skateboards
  • :saxophone:Music
  • :movie_camera:Cinema
  • :rowing_man:Boat hire
  • :clinking_glasses:Nightclub
  • :fist_right:Fightclub/Cage fighting
  • :firecracker:Fireworks


  • :moneybag:Store Robbery
  • :gem:Jewelry Robbery
  • :dollar:Bank Robbery
  • :dollar:Brinks Robbery
  • :atm:ATM Hacking
  • :house:House Robberies
  • :handbag:Search Beach bags
  • :red_car:Scrapyard
  • :convenience_store:Black market
  • :pill:Grow Weed / Meth labs / Cocaine lab
  • :moneybag:Drug corner selling
  • :hocho:Kidnap / hostages system

Around the map: Some images of the city


:plate_with_cutlery:| Food & drink - Avalanche offers over 100 unique items, restaurants, and shops so that your characters can indulge a wide variety of delicacies, past the simple sandwiches offered by most cities.

:bike: | Rentable Bikes - Scattered across the island of Los Santos at key areas there are bike rentals stations, these are cheap push bikes that you can use to get around the city in a pinch.

:red_car: Custom cars - We offer hundreds of unique cars in both PDM, and the Lux dealerships.

:weight_lifting_woman: | Carry Feature - Friend fainted or hurt? Carry them to safety where they can await treatment from EMS. Not hurt, but just wanting to have a little fun? Try our piggy back feature that allows you to carry someone else on your back, in a fun, playful fashion.

:house_with_garden: | Custom MLO’s both bought and created by our devs. This mix of MLO’s allows for the city to have a look and feel you won’t see in other cities.

:vertical_traffic_light: | Racing System - For those of you who are car lovers we also have a system in place where you can save racing routes and start them with friends, or enemies.

:tshirt: | Custom Clothing - Custom clothing so that you can dress your characters in a number of outfits to express themselves in whatever way they see fit.

:man: :woman: :man: | Multiple Characters - We offer you the ability to have up to five different characters in the city so that you can be anyone and everyone you’ve always wanted to be. Who says multiple personalities is a bad thing?

:couch_and_lamp: Player-owned/decorated housing - Real Estate offers you the ability to buy any house in the city, and lets you decorate it however you want, from the most luxurious homes to the dumps. The choice is yours.

:circus_tent:Community/player held events - we offer not only community ran events such as racing, scavenger hunts, fishing tournaments, and more, we also make it easy for players to set up and run events all of their own. Pink slip races, fight nights, whatever you can think of. Need help setting up your event? Our admins will gladly help you, within reason of course.

:slot_machine:Casino - Blackjack, slot machines & roulette. Try your luck and risk it all to win big or go home broke, let’s hope the odds are in your favor.

Small preview of community submitted content

Join our Discord & Server today!

Our Discord!- https://discord.gg/sBB3n6r
Our Server- cfx.re/join/vbbgvk or
Our Website- https://www.avalanche-rp.com/


We work very hard on our server, so that everyone can enjoy it and love it as much as we do. Please come join us! We’d love to have you some spend time with us and see for yourselves.


Applications are open for whitelisted job, feel free to apply @ https://www.avalanche-rp.com/


I love this community. I love the RP here. As someone with both a cop and a crim on the server, there is something really for everyone. The Devs listen to the people and work hard to try to keep all points of view into consideration, and are enjoyable to just be around when not in the city. This one is worth checking out if you want a new server to call home.

Additionally, we don’t just RP here. We talk, we laugh, we enjoy each other, and do other games together from time to time. It’s more than RP here, it’s community and it’s family.

Want to know more? Come check things out. Seriously. It’s worth the time.


Amazing server with a huge amount of potential, come give it a try.


Hi all, we pushed an update out today. so what’s new?

:new: Female clothing
:new: Female Faces/Hair
:new: Male clothing
:new: Male hair
:new: New building interiors around the city
:new: Fishing
:new: Mechanic shops
:new: Mechanic Job
:new: Pizza Job
:new: Slaughter Job
:new: Tuner chips for Mechs
:new: Nitrous
:arrow_up: MDT update
:arrow_up: Phones update

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Another Update, It’s christmas time and we have some new things to do around the city!
:new: Added - Christmas trees and lights (xmas update).
:new: Added - Small amount of charismas clothing (xmas update).
:new: Added -Pig job, Catch and slaughter pigs (civ update).
:new: Added - Fruit picking job, Pick fruit from trees (civ update).
:new: Added - Milking job, who wouldn’t want to milk cows? (civ update).
:arrow_up: Updated - Gold mining job (civ update).
:arrow_up: Updated - Phone, fixed all blocks (that was fun) . (server update).

Here is some pictures from the community:

Another Update: Changelog 1.1.4
This is this week’s patch notes.
:new: Added - Cayo Perico island, may take longer to load in (Event Update).
:new: Added - Creates around the island for he event with loot tables (Event Update).
:new: Added - Publishable vehicles (civ update).
:new: Added - Temp loading screen (Event Update).
:new: Added - Improved drug system with likes of weed, meth, cocaine and more. (Crim Update).
:new: Added - Ability to invoice other players, use the command /create bill (Server Update).
:new: Added - Pets for players (beta) (Civ update).
:new: Added - electric skateboard (Civ Update).
:arrow_up: Update - drugs script (Server Update).
:arrow_up: Update - Tilda menu (Server Update).

2.0 is now live, we have reopened our doors to the public. come check it out!

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From a streamer view-point. This is by far the greatest experience I have ever had in roleplay. The community is by far the greatest. And the entertainment is never-ending. Each time I wake up, there is always new things happening. If your looking for a new city, with great people. Look no further.


“Best. Server. Ever!” - Malcolme Laude, PleasureSeekyrs INC.

*This review was not paid for nor endorsed by the owners or staff of the server


been here for a year now, this server helped alot especially during lockdown. The community is also very helpful and supportive and ive met so many great people in there :slight_smile: would recommend joining theres always fun to be had


Black market has been updated. Sever is also now hiring For all positions.


Out of all the places I’ve role played, Avalanche is by far the best FiveM community I’ve had the opportunity of being apart of. The developers are constantly working on the city and adding new content. Whitelist applications are currently open so now would be a great time to join the community if you’re interested in EMS and LEO role play. Give the City a shot, and I promise you’ll find a reason to stay!


I have been with the community for a year now and every day feels like the first, it just never gets old there are always new people to meet and an atmosphere of helpfulness and dedication from everyone that many other communities cant ever replicate. This is truly a one-of-a-kind community. Realistic RP, Creative players with a massive variety of different stories being told and interactions to be had.

The staff team and developers have spent months on this community making sure that it’s the best that they could possibly deliver they still work tirelessly around the clock to ensure frequent updates inspiring players to explore new possibilities and adventures.

If you are looking for a new experience, to meet new people and have fun interactions and just explore your characters and build a story I honestly believe this is the perfect community for you.


I’ve been in this city since October and this is by far the most fun i’ve had on a fivem server. Their selection of addons/scripts is by far my favorite, the people are great memorable personalities. They always seems to be both cops/ems on during the important times which is always healthy. The staff/devs are responsive and always working on improving things which you love to see in a city you enjoy. And I think if you are newer to fivem/ RP in general this server can be very welcoming to newer people while still trying to maintain a serious rp standpoint.

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