Autocompleting functions?


Is there any way to install a SDK to the software development kit? I want functions to autocomplete when I start typing them + I want to have a documentation for what the funtions do.

For example:
When I write “GetPlayer”, I want the program to automatically suggest what natives I can use.

Is there any possibility of accomplishing that? If not in the dev kit, is there in any other IDE?

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VSCode - there a few snippets posted here that can help with what you’re trying to achieve. I’m not sure how you’d do the same in FxDK, though.

Thanks for the reply. Could you post a link to these snippets? I really dont find any as I dont even really know how to describe my problem in a search query xd

This, for example (found by looking up “VSCode Snippet” in the searchbar):

Uh, intellisense and autocompletion for natives is already integrated.

How can I use it? If by intellisense you mean the autocompletion of already written words in the file I am editing, you are right. But that is not the kind of functionality I am looking for.

And if I type “GetPlayer”, no menu whatsoever appears showing possibilities for autocompletion.
So: what do you mean?

Autocomplete only available for C# and JS/TS scripts, no Lua support atm.

To add - you can try manually installing a Lua extension for VSCode as .vsix, but no good results usually.