Helly guys :slight_smile:

I’m new in this. I had installed it and after I logged me in came this:

Authentication Error

Could not sign on to the Social Club. Error code:

I hope you guys can help me.


That means that you entered invalid social club details.

Oh, I’m a dumb idiot. Thank you much. I entered my FiveR details…

Hmm, I thought Rockstar Social Club access was not needed for FiveReborn!?

@meimeiriver To verify that you have a legit copy of GTA V, Yes, It is… Illegal pirated GTA games are not welcome here

Pirated versions are shit…

Not sure why you’d think I’d ever be interested in pirated shit. I do however worry about getting banned by Rockstar for running any out-of-the-ordinary setup. Hence, I was surprised too see a login with Rockstar was still required, is all.

@meimeiriver Read again… Did I say you have a pirated version? No… And for a project that has hundreds maybe thousands of people using it daily don’t you think you would see posts here from people being banned? Nope, Not one… There is a big banner at the top of the forums explaining every detail of how this works… Will I get banned from RSC multiplayer if I use FiveReborn?

I’m with the same error and I can not solve it if someone please please help me

Another :ghost: topic, closed. If anyone is having this issue please create a new #technical-support topic and fill out the required Technical Support template.