Austin Texas Roleplay Community l Serious Roleplay l Hiring Texas Highway Patrol, AFD, Dispatcher's and Staff l New Server l Austin Texas Based l Professional

Austin Texas Roleplay Community is a new FiveM server looking for Law enforcement and Fire Department the server is new by one day and we are looking to give players the best roleplay experience possible currently there are two active departments Austin Fire Department and Texas Highway patrol if either of these interest you there will be more information down below please come and join us and help us grow this community i feel with some help and other people joining departments and doing there part that this server can grow to great Hight’s

Current Available departments

Texas Highway Patrol

Austin Fire Department

Discord Invite: Austin Texas roleplay community

Once you join the discord fill out and application and wait a response if you wish to join Fire or LEO and good Luck

And here are some Photo’s of the Vehicles within our Community