Aussie Vehicle Modeler lookin for (preferably) an Aussie Community

Hey Guys!

My name is Dunning, I’ve come to the forums again to seek out Aussie servers who are looking for a vehicle modeler.

My Skills

Vehicle Modeling
Graphic Design
UI Design
Web Design

My Experience
Servers I have Developed For:

  • San Andreas’ Finest
  • State of San Andreas
  • Mayfair Gaming Network
  • Sunbelt Roleplay


Reply to this topic, I will go through and message you.

Here is a little showcase of my most recent work:


Bump :wink:

G’day mate I’ve just started my fiveM server and your the type of guy I’m looking for, It is a Aussie server to, so if your still offering this how much do u charge?

Love the file names of the images

Gday mate you still doing cars?

Hey mate just wondering if your still doing this?

still doing??

i can help if anyones looking for some help :slight_smile:

whats your discord

i wont let me connect to the server

what server?

New invite link