[AUS/OCE] Zombie Themed Roleplaying Server Looking for Dev

I am currently working on a zombie themed roleplaying server. The server is currently in very early development; however, the server info will be below if you are interested in joining and sharing ideas.
I am in need an experienced developer to help where I need it as I am inexperienced when it comes to creating scripts. I am not looking for someone to do every little thing for me, I can manage with most other things when running a server. I basically need someone to help with things I can’t figure out as well as optimise some of my code.

(Currently I am trying to figure out using vectors for distance between props and players instead of the FiveM natives as the script is a resource hog)

The server is esx based (let’s face it, most are these days) with a strong vision of individuality, accessibility and community involvement. I should also mention due to the vision of individuality I am not interested in something “NoPixel like” at all.

Unfortunately, there is a lot that still needs to be done as most things required for a server like this need to be created from the ground up. I look forward to working with whoever is interested.

Discord: https://discord.gg/bsXteWX2DA

Players are charged with surviving in a world that has been ravaged by the outbreak of a deadly virus. Starting out their character’s life in Boilingbroke Penitentiary, players gather items that will be useful to them along the way and generally make their way to the city and other points of interest in search of better gear and interactions with other players. They will need to find food and water, equipment, medical supplies, and weapons if they are to last very long at all in the harsh conditions. Vehicles are able to be found or bought for quick travel of the map as well.

(Planned Features)

  • Zombies! (With Special Types)

  • Scavenging/Loot systems

  • Script Based Jobs (Delivery Driver etc)

  • RP Based Jobs (Mechanic, EMS etc)

  • Gathering

  • Advanced Fishing/Hunting

  • Crafting/Cooking

  • Raids (Difficult areas with high tier loot)

  • Laid back community and moderation

  • Community Events

  • Everchanging Map (Changes based on Stories and Community Events)

You must survive in a world that has been ravaged by an outbreak of a deadly virus. Most of the population has become part of “the Infected,” a term used by survivors to collectively describe everyone who has fallen victim to the virus. These poor souls are not the undead, but perhaps worse: living humans who have completely lost all control over themselves, whose only goal is to spread the infection through violent, animalistic attacks and to satisfy their overwhelming hunger. You are somehow immune to the virus; you seem unaffected by it, even when attacked by those who are infected.

During the original outbreak, you found yourself holding up in the Boilingbroke Penitentiary along with other survivors. As time has passed, supplies have start to run low. You have decided to forge your own future whether it’s for the benefit for your fellow survivors or yourself.


Hello @INKintheHART, I like your server description and I am excited to see your future and current work. I might be a person you are looking for and I would like to work with you, but I already work on similar project under different name. However, we share the same idea and I believe that we can cooperate together, please let me know what do you think about it.

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Hello, I had a quick look at your post and our servers are very simular. I do think we have very different end goals though as I am more focused on Roleplaying features. I will join your discord and we can have a chat!

I am still looking for someone!
Seeing when bumping it’s encouraged to add something new. Here is the UI and how the scavenging system will work. The search prompt and item notification will most likely be changed sometime soon to something more fitting of the ui theme.