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Welcome to AtroCity - an RP Community that was built from the ground up with the target of creating the best possible safe RP environment for players!

At AtroCity, we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our server or the range of experiences we offer, but the community and those within it. We are aim to create a Shared Storytelling Narrative, where character development and experiences shape the character you play.

I am immensely proud of the community we have created, and I would invite you to check us out.

Server Features


  • Fully working phone with SMS & Twitter picture messaging. (Twitter links to Discord too!)
  • Several EUP packs have been added, loads of custom clothing
  • Custom inventory
  • Easy to use player-rob system based on handsup & aiming
  • Intuative use of our ‘third-eye’ mechanic, used extensively with our whitelisted jobs
  • Great care to ensure a lack of /commands (most things are prompt/item based)
  • Buy a house anywhere in the City, complete with Real-Estate job
  • Upkeep and tax system for owned properties
  • Fully functional motel system with persistent inventory
  • Buy and sell using the Inventory UI within shops
  • Motel System with weekly rental periods
  • Ability to upgrade vehicle performance & Cosmetics
  • Garage System
  • Car Finance
  • Fully functional stress system, with ways to relax (both legal and illegal)
  • Postal map added server side, no more getting lost!
  • Custom HUD
  • 100’s of emotes
  • Clothing Wheel added so you can adjust your look on the fly
  • Completely custom outfit system, with preview & list of each outfit
  • Custom handling for our vehicles. (Realism without draining the fun!)
  • Functional Diamond Casino, including Poker, Blackjack and Slot Machines.
  • 50+ Custom Optimized Vehicles
  • Vehicle wear and tear system, ensure you keep your vehicle serviced and tackle any problems your vehicle may throw at you!


  • Three delivery jobs using different vehicles
  • Trucking job
  • City Works job
  • Mining job
  • Extensive Police Tools
  • Group-based Garbage Job
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Chicken catching and processing
  • Dumpster Dive
  • Hunting, complete with poaching!


Whitelisted Jobs:

  • Whitelisted job - San Andreas State Troopers, Save lives, protect the innocent
  • Whitelisted job - Benny’s Mechanics, complete with towing job
  • Whitelisted job - DOCS (Department of Civilian Services), Sell houses, conduct driving tests, be involved in police investigations. Do what it takes to service the civilians!
  • Whitelisted job - Mount Zonah Medical Services, cough or cut? They’ll fix you right up
  • Whitelisted job - Los Santos Autos, buy or sell the vehicle of your dreams
  • Whitelisted job - Weazel News, report on the happenings of the City and those within
  • Whitelisted job - Bugershot, provide the city with ‘the best food’ while throwing shade at Cluckin’ Bell
  • Whitelisted job - Cluckin’ Bell, provide the city with ‘the better food’ while throwing shade at Burgershot
  • Whitelisted job - Pearls Seafood, provide the city with classy food, and sit down with friends and relax
  • Whitelisted job - Bean Machine Coffee, on the go caffeine and muffins, baked fresh daily
  • Whitelisted job - Vanilla Unicorn, dancing and alcohol!
  • Whitelisted job - Department of Justice - Begin your career as a lawyer, judge or attorney!


  • Multiple drug types with multiple tiers to interact with!
  • Vehicle Chopshop
  • Money-wash available
  • Sell drugs to peds across the map, or perhaps sell to organizations for profit
  • Using drugs provides different benefits, there is no ‘smoke weed to get armor’ here
  • Every store can be held up
  • Every store can have it’s safe breached
  • Vangelico’s can have it’s stock taken
  • Every bank can be robbed using various methods & items
  • House robberies
  • Keycard system to ensure even petty crimes are worthwhile
  • Several minigames available for different things
  • Rob shipments around the map
  • Hack ATMs for a quick cash payout
  • Extensive Underground Street Racing, complete with custom courses and time trials!


  • Anyone can create an organization and use it for any purpose, both legal and illegal.
  • Each organization has various features, MOTD, Missions to be set, shared bank account & more.
  • Progress your organization and apply to become a ‘whitelisted organization’ - complete with MLO and additional benefits.

With this post, I would like to invite you to come and join our constantly growing community. We are aiming to build something wonderful here and I am looking to getting your feedback on what we’re creating and seeing you as a citizen on AtroCity!

Please join our Discord if you have any further questions or queries!

Thank you,



Can’t wait for it to go live!


I’m really glad to be part of this community. C:

Excited to watch it grow!


I look forward to testing this one out and brining my high level rp to the server to watch and help it grow!


Definitely going to give my all to help out my memory is second to none so i’ll do what i can


Gonna be so fun, cannot wait for this server to come out


gonna be class, cant wait!


It’s like the server has taken the best bits from multiple servers and added their own unique ideas as well. Really looking forward to watching the community grow


Cant wait for the launch! The server has seen some major improvements over the last few days and it’s getting to a really great state. Also, they seem to be hiring staff members currently, and I imagine you would get a position higher than usual if you apply now. It will be HUGE!


Thank you all for your kind words. We’re getting closer to our launch date!

Main post was updated.
Almost ready for an Open Beta week!


Looking to launch tonight for a week of beta testing. Hoping all is going to be great! Still looking for Police EMS and Mechanic applications!


Just being part of the team on this server is great and playing as a cop is so much fun. The legal jobs are great too so much to physically do. Beta public testing is now open if you love serious RP and things to do then i say get on asap and try it out! If you try now then there is a chance you can bypass WL process because you have showcased how good your RP is!



Cant wait for the server to grow and see how big it will get. I love the community and cant wait to see where this goes to in the future!



We’re moving along quite nicely with our scripts, some things still need tweaking, and we are working to improve it as much as possible


Police, EMS and Mechanic applications are all still open! Training sessions are now going ahead!


The launch date is nearing, last chance to hop in and be a core part of something AWESOME!


Getting ever closer. Still needing applications for EMS/Police & Mechanics!

Looking to go live in the next few days I think!


Definetly worth to check out! PD has a RP over GP mentality and the staff team does a ton of work to help the server get off the ground!


I was away for a few days, come back and SO many changes have been made!
Looking forward to the launch. :heart_eyes:


We’re now live! Come and join us!