AtroCity Roleplay | Brand New Launch | Active Development | Looking for Staff and Whitelisted Job Employees!

Police, Fire, EMS and all jobs are accepting applications! If you wanna come in and experience a fantastic community created storyline featuring all walks of life from the server, then join us now and join in with a fun, friendly and welcoming community!

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The city is developing nicely and many cool stories are being built, it’s currently undergoing some polish and excited to see the result.

If you are experienced and love law RP we could really use a present DoJ in the city, as it would really help spin the RP to cool things.

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Having the time of my life here!
There’s always something to do somewhere!

And the shifts on EMS are the most fun Iv’e had anywhere!

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New housing that looks amazing is on the horizon, and the gang turf system is panning cool as hell.

Honestly from a crim perspective there is still a whole lot of things to discover that no one have found yet, do plenty of oppertunities to leave your gangs footprint and establish connections.

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Balla’s now on the block! The Misfits dominating the boosting scene!
Racing scene developing and attracting big numbers!

Cops with new tools and always looking to hire, Server has definitely been mad fun last couple of weeks!!