AtroCity Roleplay | Brand New Launch | Active Development | Looking for Staff and Whitelisted Job Employees!

Welcome to AtroCity - an RP Community that was built from the ground up with the target of creating the best possible safe RP environment for players!

At AtroCity, we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our server or the range of experiences we offer, but the community and those within it. We are aim to create a Shared Storytelling Narrative, where character development and experiences shape the character you play.

AtroCity has been around for some time and recently took a few months off to effectively relaunch our server using QB as our base. Having previously been an ESX server, we began to discover some limitations with the aging framework, and decided to turn our efforts into creating a unique server, on a modern framework.

With all FiveM servers, you expect a certain level of features and functions. At AtroCity you’ll find all the usual things you’d expect, criminal activities ranging from Drugs to Robberies, whitelisted positions including EMS, LEO and Mechanics as well as a full range of business oppurtunities and high quality civilian jobs.

We have spared no expense in providing the highest quality resources available to achieve this.

However, instead of giving you a list of what you’d already expect, I’ll not waste your time and tell you what makes us unique.

Important Server Features:

  • A huge emphasis on multiplayer jobs and experiences, while there are solo oppurtunities, we encourage group play as much as possible.

  • A comprehensive skill system which will allow you specalize in whatever your character story dictates. This means that fresh characters cannot simply be shown the best way to make money, and grind it out. If you want to be the next Meth Lord, that’s a title you’ll have to earn.

  • Experienced Administration and Developers. As above, AtroCity has been active for a couple of years using ESX as it’s base. We’ve learned, experienced and piloted many ideas during that time, this experience allows us to create a far more polished environment for you.

  • Fully custom phone. While this may seem arbitrary to include here, it does provide a convenient way of giving you access to our Organization System. Anyone can create their own Organization, complete with a shared bank account, permissions system, org-war system, as well as an area for shared notes, MOTDs and images. Our phone is completely written in-house and as such, gives us full reign to add various apps as and when we need, to help provide a nice interface to some of our server features.

  • Zero pay to win. Our server is completely non pay-to-win. Any and everything that is aquirable via donations will never given an advantage to anyone, ever. We feel strongly about this, and I believe it should be in this list.

  • A mature community and staff team. We do not have a strict age requirement, however, we do like our players to be above 18. I would estimate that our average player age is around 30, meaning we don’t cater for children, and expect our community to behave in a reasonable and mature manner.

  • Open-door policy. As much as this is a brief overview of our server, I am the founder of the project and I have always operated an open-door policy. My name is Steve and you’re welcome to use it, feel free to DM me your ideas, questions and feedback. My job on this project is to provide the best environment I can for your roleplay, and I very much would like for you to help shape that!

Current Whitelist Openings:

  • San Andreas State Police
  • Emergency Mecial Services
  • Frankies Mechanics
  • Burgershot
  • Up N’ Atom
  • Bahama Mamas
  • Department of Justice

If there is another position you’d like to occupy, please let me know and once you’ve acquired enough playtime, we can work something out that makes sense for your character to move into a new business.

With this post, I would like to invite you to join our constantly growing community. We are aiming to build something wonderful here and I am looking to getting your feedback on what we’re creating and seeing you as a citizen in AtroCity!

Please join our Discord if you have any further questions or queries!



This server is great if roleplay is what you are looking for! The community are always so warm & welcoming!


Looking forward to some of the stuff like mining that’s coming down the pipe, super exciting : D


Love the new feel - Atro is home can’t get enough of it


loving the new atro! cant wait to see what else is gonna happen for willow…


Think you got what it takes to be no1 on the streets! Join today. Get your car and bring it to the races and see if you got what it takes!


Looking forward to seeing where the stories go here in atro, come join today & see what stories you can make!


New patch is coming with our 1.1 update soon! Will drop patch notes here when it’s live.


Still one of my favourite places for RP and a great place to start out as well if you are new to RP and want to ease into it. I highly recommend to give it a try especially with the re-launch, no better time the now to check it out.


Excited for the 1.1 update :slight_smile:


Come on in and check out the fantastic features and community here at Atro!

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The new launch feels very optimized and having tons of fun again. Strongly recommend giving this a try to see if it’s ur new home.


A week into it now since I last wrote and so much cool stuff in the works, great interactions and plenty to discover around the city for both civs and crims. The fire department is a breath of fresh air as well and the sporadic fires around the cities have been really cool to see them deal with.

Recently got a huge update for cops as well with a new building and departments.

Can’t wait to report again in a week of the progress.

Come check it!


Amazing Place to be, I’m having so much fun already and there’s so much more to come! Can’t wait :smiley:


AtroCity was my first ever roleplay server 3 years ago, the fact the server is back with the same community from 3 years ago says everything, the roleplay is fantastic and the community is very welcoming if you are looking for exciting and amazing roleplay this server is the one.


Last night was such a blast! Join the discord and check out some clips of what happened!


The server has more fantastic features than ever, with a tremendous community :smiley:


Time for another weekly report.
Still having an absolute blast, and with the addition of multiple businesses being available and opening the civ side of the city is taking its first baby steps, very excited to see what the community can do with the new crafting system that lets you design ur own items in the city.

Also some really cool bank progression for crims around the corner that looks amazing.

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