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  • Speedometer automatic hide on pause menu.
  • Show KMH, Fuel level, Gear.
  • Optimized performance. (0.01ms-0.03ms)


Download ( 3.81EUR )

Get this resource at Tebex


Hey bro first of all nice release, pretty nasty design

would it possible to add cruiser and seatbelt on it?


Thanks bro and yeah it can possible to add cruiser and seatbelt!

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Nice speedo but is this resource using escrow


The Script dont show me Gear or my Kmh. Iam using esx_legacy

can you tell me if this script use Escrow protection please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I already fix that so download again and it should work

I am sorry for didnt replay, yeah it has escrow protection

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I bought the Speedometer and am very satisfied so far. What bothers me is that we don’t have the option to blacklist vehicles calsses. It would be great if you could add that, because the script is protected I can’t do that myself. it would be great if we could set in a config which vehicle classes have a blacklist. (bicycles, helis, airplanes)

First of all thank you and thanks for the advice I will make to have blacklist vehicles classes

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How long do you need for the update? If you send me the code I can do it for you. Don’t worry wouldn’t upload it or anything like that :innocent:

Sry but I have no time so I will disable escrow

Nice where can i download that version?

Just download again

did u ever figure this out?

blacklisting vehicles from showing the hud