Aster with FiveReborn - Looking for Devs support - Can't connect second time

Hello. Trying to use Aster (multiseat SW, 2 gta on 1 PC etc) to play on my server…

I have everything set up but I cant connect twice to the server. One instance of the game is running without steam so I get my account username as a nick and in sandboxie and another one has steam running so it gets my steam name as nickname.

I have debugged the problem to a fact, that GetHostId on the second PC that tries to connect returns ID of the first one.

This is the alghoritm in sessionmanager/server/host_lock.lua that kicks me out:

   -- if the current host was last contacted less than a second ago
    if GetHostId() >= 1 then
        if GetPlayerLastMsg(GetHostId()) < 1000 then
            TriggerClientEvent('sessionHostResult', source, 'conflict')


After I commented it, I could connect, chat, but hasnt seen each other characters (prob. because of the same ID).

Now my question should be hopefully pretty simple for devs / authors of the mode. How does GetHostId() works? What do I need to change in order for it to return different and new ID for the second PC? I am using the same licence, different env. (sandboxie w/o steam & steam) and different network cards (wifi and eth for different virtual PCs).

thanks!!! I am clueless by now :slight_smile: If there is some source I could take a look at to find out how the function works it would really help me. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

Update: Tried it without sandboxie, it launched now, but the ID is still identified the same. I just need to know what to change in order to get different ID - how the function GetHostId() works. Different license? Different file location of gta V, or FiveReborn? Different external IP?

Use aster to play multiple profiles without steam it doesn’t even work with sand boxie but you can loggin on multiple accounts with game codes using social club then you can start a modded server to connect to.