Asset transfer

Hello, i need some help. I bought a fivem script and received it on my personal email. But the cfx account is on another email where fivem/rockstar/steam all same email.
I wanted to transfer the file to someone else but i can’t because i’m not receiving a confirmation mail on the email that is connected to cfx.
I tried to change the email to my personal email and still didn’t receive a “change email option” but worked fine on 2 other accounts.
In summary, the email connected to my cfx account is not receiving a confirmation code but can receive any other random mail.
So now i’m stuck with a script that i can’t use for anything + can’t refund.
If anyone had the same issue please lmk how to fix it.

This is probably something you want to bring up with they could help you with technical issues related to changing your account info and key master stuff.

Thank you. I did. Still no reply.

It will take them a while to respond, but when they do, your problem is over.

ok thank you, will wait, been 2 days already lol.

You have to wait 2-3 weeks to get an answer.I hope they answer as soon as possible.:>