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Aspect RP has notable accomplishments in many aspects of FiveM role play. We have developed an extensive resume of DOJ/Criminal and city events resulting in community growth with numerous gaming projects. Our portfolio includes over 3 Citys including 2 Rust servers for public recreation, community, and growth. Our expertise extends to all aspects of role play, community, and love for video game design in both private and the public sector. The Owners of Aspect RP, have made a commitment to deliver the highest quality of role play. Informed by current technologies, budget, schedule, and client priorities, they strive for perfection in service and product. Excellence and innovation describe the reputation, which they expect will become synonymous with the name Aspect RP. :star_struck:

This is the beginning of a never ending story! Aspect RP is in the works for a welcoming NoPixel inspired topnotch RP server. Our focus is to create a realistic RP atmosphere for all players new and old without issue (FailRP, Meta, etc). We will have strict guidelines and regulations to follow for an immersive real life experience.

Aspect RP is fitted with custom fully optimized scripts, Redneck custom emergency vehicles, over 300 custom luxury vehicles and everything you need to RP your wildest dreams! Active Dev! New Player Freindly! Longterm Community! Adult Owners/Staff! Streamer Promoting! Monthly Cash Giveaways! :money_mouth_face:

Currently seeking motivated individuals to be a part of a long term dedicated team! Must have experience but re-training will be provided. We are looking for Department Heads and FTO personnel.

-Must be fluent in English
-Must have experience in Leadership skills.
-Must have a clean record with CFX/FiveM
-Must be an active player
-Must display professionalism

Positions to fill,

-LSPD Head
-DOJ Head
-EMS Head

-Civilian Operations Head

If your interested in being a department head with a new community full of potential, kindly submit your application with the following link, then join our Discord for more information.

Application - Aspect RP - Recruit Application

Discord - Aspect Gaming


Thank You To All Our Supporters!

Great city

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Immediate Hiring for LEO/EMS! Sign on Bonuses! CSI Training and more!
Join Today for your next chapter in quality RP! New comers Welcome! Streamer Friendly!

Join the City Saturday for free access and $25 giveaway! Check out the City and tell us what you think! Giveaway will be Saturday Evening sometime when we get enough people in.

-Hiring Department Heads!
-Looking for content testers!

Join a Team that goes above the standard for all members, content and quality. We are committed to an ever evolving RP experience who have a passion in what we do.

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Join our Discord for Cash Giveaways and great information about the City!

Looking for Content Testers and Hiring Dept Heads!

Join Our Discord for your chance to win $50 cash! :partying_face:

-Hiring Dept Heads/Staff

Interested in checking out the City without having to fill out an App? You may do so tonight and tomorrow!
Aspect RP will be open for free play so players can understand where we are headed, and to build confidence in Aspect RP.
Join us for good time!

Hell ya, LETS GOOOO!!!

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Please keep in mind that this is the beginning of a new community.

Come grow with us!

San Andreas State Police has been added! Congratulations to our newest Department Head!

Still Hiring for LSPD, Communications and DOJ :smiley:

We are closing in on LAUNCH! Thank You to all who have showed your support and interest in this project! There is still plenty of time to Join Aspect!!

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Come check us out tonight!

We are looking for a City President and Vice President to work for the people and build the City of your dreams. You will be in charge of the City and operate it in accordance with our rules. Must have FiveM experience, be active, respectful, professional, team player and atleast 18 years old. Join our Disc and DM True if interested!

Holiday Giveaway happening now!
Join our community for your chance at a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Happy Holidays from Aspect!

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Join our community for your shot at $50 a month! :moneybag:

We are seeking to add to our friendly community each day. Aspect owns and operates a NoPixel inspired realistic bug free FiveM server. We also own and operate a PVP Rust server also bug free, custom and is updated on time monthly. We pay top dollar for our equipment, and nothing is cheap. We do this to give our players the best experience possible lag free and no interruptions. We also give back to the community monthly, up to $150 a month! We are experienced in all fields of gaming and take passion in bringing the best possible content to gamers. We invite you to give us a try, and maybe you will be a lucky winner in one of our monthly giveaways!

Aspect is inspired by NoPixel with creativity and uniqueness of our own. We have created a trustworthy and fun environment, and everyday we make it our mission that once you join our server, you feel comfortable and welcomed with 100% pure RP. Our community is filled with new and old role-players from far and beyond. We care about our community and will listen to suggestions / ideas. We have a dedicated staff team devoted to improving the server and standby for your questions or concerns. Come join the community and experience what we have to offer! Aspect is fairly new but the same old owners as in Pandemic rp with the same skill level and dedication.

:money_mouth_face:4 DAYS LEFT TO WIN $50! :money_with_wings:JOIN OUR DISCORD TO ENTER GIVEAWAY! :moneybag: