[Ask for help] Creation of a command / 911

Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone could help me creates an order accessible to the player in order to report a crime to the police. Example: a civilian would just have to type / 17 or / 911 + the reason for the call. And a notification appears on the screen of the font in order to accept or not the call, if it then accepts the gps will potisioneras automatically on the position of the invidue who has to call.

I use Copsfivem v1.1.0 as a system for the police. And I saw that the script: Job: Save people, be a hero! (Paramedic, emergency, coma, KO)
Have the “calling” technology with the gps function at the death of a player.
Unfortunately I am really beginner in lua. The function list does not serve me anything for me it is Chinese (I joke but it is not far) if you have tutorials for the lua by cons I am taker.

Sorry for my bad english this translation was made by google