Ashfield County Roleplay / Owned by a developer / Brand new / Need Players and Staff / DOJ / Lamda menu

Hello viewer, My name is Brandon I am a FiveM server developer and i am creating my own server, i have the server setup and ready i just need players and staff. I am also looking for developers. The discord needs the roles and its done. Please join. I don’t accept trolls and you will be banned if you try anything. This is a DOJ server i have been working on for my own for a while and i am ready for help and players. Please join the discord and we can get you started!

Thanks Brandon
Brandon B.#1367

Currently having an issue with EasyAdmin, would be great if someone could do it for me.

Ask on the OP.

‘Currently having an issue with EasyAdmin, would be great if someone could do it for me.’ Thats vMeni, Not EasyAdmin

Sees “DOJ” and Hides

LoL :smiley:

Sorry. For some reason I thought you said vMenu. Anyway, [Release] EasyAdmin, It's as easy as it gets!

I have read everything i need to, i have read the wiki but its not as easy as it gets.

ANOTHER Wa- Wa-Wa-Wannabe DOJ server

What is easy, is asking in the original topic for help?

I made this so i was looking for a developer… So please calm down and don’t be rude :slight_smile:

The guy posted what he did, I clearly asked for a developer, so if i wanted to do it myself but i didn’t know how i would put in diff topic. But its good where it is, but thanks. :slight_smile:

Also, I don’t want to know how to do it i want someone else to do it as i have been trying for weeks to find out but no one helps.


:confused: :thinking:

Yeah, Now stop trashing my thread.

Why did you unlist my post? That’s abuse right?

Who said I did? I don’t see anything stating I unlisted your topic? Literally could’ve been anyone.


You talking trash to staff absolutely gives staff the right to take action.