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Annex Roleplay | Discord | Realistic Roleplay

We are a serious roleplay community that is non-whitelisted. We aim to provide an awesome and great roleplay experience where people can grow their stories, as well as make new friends. The staff team supports all players whether they are new or old. We are Annex Roleplay the strive to provide the members with the best experience possible.

We are a community that is not officially open till Early August 2022. Leaders are working day and night to ensure the community gives its players the best experience possible. We are looking to hire people into the Staff Team, Development Team, and even Department Command positions.

ARP | Emergency Services:

In order to qualify for a department head position, you must be at least 16 or up with verified experience.

  • Florida State Police
  • Tallahassee Police Department
  • Leon County Sheriff’s Office
  • Tallahassee Fire Department
  • Leon County Communications

ARP | Civilian Operations:

  • Balanced priority guidelines to ensure realistic, creative, and imaginative roleplay scenarios
  • Advanced Civilian management panel to create, modify and maintain your Civilian characters
  • Civilian jobs with management, applications, and a purpose
  • Judicial system which grants the ability to contest charges within a realistic roleplay environment
  • Vehicle fleet with custom models and skins


  • Age Requirement: 13+ (Mature) - Exceptions can be made
  • Must be mature and willing to learn!
  • Legit Copy of Grand Theft Auto: V | Steam
  • Must Be Able to Run FiveM (A GTA Modification)
  • Must Be Able To Read/Write/Speak English Fluently

We look forward to seeing you on the server! Discord


Community Information
Name: Annex Roleplay
Founded: July 28th, 2022
Permanent Server Invite: Annex Roleplay

Available Departments

  • Florida Highway Patrol - Apply Now! Become A Trooper
  • Leon County Sheriff’s Office - Become A Deputy Sheriff Today
  • Tallahassee Police Department - Be An Outstanding Officer
  • Tallahassee Fire Department - Your Lives Before Ours, Join Today!

Server Features

  • vMenu
  • Tons of custom vehicles and custom scripts
  • No Lag, with high frame rates
  • Tons of thought-out roleplay features
  • Active Staff & New Staff
  • Simple Application Processes
  • Custom LEO Vehicles
  • Custom Interiors
  • Custom EUP

Join the Tallahassee Fire Department - Your Lives Before Ours

Become a Pilot by joining the Federal Aviation Administration and receive your Pilot Certification

Join the Florida Highway Patrol - Become a Trooper and enforce the laws of the states highway

Join the Tallahassee Police Department - Join the finest department of all

Leon County Sheriff’s Office - Looking for Deputies to join to protect the county of Leon

Join a Department and become S.W.A.T. Certified with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office

Look at these slick screenshots from one of our Directors