Army Uniforms Pack [REDEMRP/VORP/RSG/QBR]

Army Pack


Choose between more than 90 outfits !
2 armies, US Army and Guarma Army. This also includes the Colonel Flavours, Captain Monroe and Colonel Fussar outfits.

Each outfit has it’s own event line that you can call (list in config file) so you’ll be able to put them as inventory items/ in your menus / ui etc…

To remove the outfits you need to reload your character with your classic reload character command from your framework (loadskin, rc etc…)

Col Favours/Cpt Monroe and Fussar outfits automatically scale your body to fit so if you have extra large models you’ll get thinner when wearing these.



  1. Make sure that your keymaster account is linked to your server

  2. Download the ressource from the keymaster granted assets page and the redemrp_menu_base and the zip folder containing the images for the menu from the email that tebex sent you

You can also find it in my discord page (file channel)

  1. Put sirevlc_us_army, sirevlc_guarma_army and redemrp_menu_base into your server ressources

  2. In server.cfg or ressources.cfg add these lines:

ensure redemrp_menu_base

ensure sirevlc_us_army
ensure sirevlc_guarma_army

The order is very important !

  1. Insert the images from the .zip image folder into :


  1. Enjoy ! Default Key for opening the menu is [2] and [3]



x-redemrp_menu_base (provided with ressource)

Get it on tebex !

Don’t hesitate to join the discord to share your ideas, get news, updates and exclusive discounts:

========LOCKED FILES=====

All files are encrypted except the config file

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 7500
Requirements redemrp_menu_base
Support Yes

this is the best thing i´ve ever seen thank you

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You welcome ! anytime

update :
Separated the US and Guarma uniforms packs so they can be both role locked

Added manual tint commands