Are there any GOOOD! DOJ servers out there. Like polecats

So I have been looking for some time. But it just so happens to be that when I join a DOJ server all I ever see are people speeding around. Absolutely no cops, hardly any actual RP of any type going on at all. And I have applied to some of the servers. Only to get denied bc I didn’t come up with a random scenario. I won’t lie I’m not the best at pulling a random story that never happened out of my ass. I live in the moment of the RP u want a scenario the come make one with me. sorry just makes me mad me off that, That is what is holding me back from having some fun with people. I am looking for a DOJ-based RP server that is immersive with players actually cops doing actual cop stuff and actual AI traffic. no idea why everyone turns traffic off but its the worst thing ever

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imagine saying that a server with 29 members is like polectats server cough cough Project roleplay