[API/dev resource] screenshot-basic - make screenshots of clients' games!


I use cPanel for it. But i got still the File upload failed - CHMOD/Folder doen’t exist? I triend every step but its dont working any ideas?

[ 291969] [b2612_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ Mixed Content: The page at 'https://cfx-nui-screenshot-basic/dist/ui.html' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure resource 'http://screenshot-basic/screenshot_created'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. (@screenshot-basic/dist/ui.html:19)

[ 291969] [b2612_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to fetch (@screenshot-basic/dist/ui.html:0)

anyone know how to fix this its crashing people

Update: potential fix? http://${GetCurrentResourceName()}/screenshot_created and http://${GetCurrentServerEndpoint()}${url} in client.ts modify to https://

hello, how did you fixed it ?

hi did you fixed this bug ?

It seems to not show up in the logs as much - maybe randomly. But I was not able to properly fix it. I tried the above and it broke the script basically. The script I use that has this resource as a requirement stopped taking the screenshots soon as I made the change. Unfortunately.

Maybe try delete it’s specific cache, make the change and then let yarn do it’s thing and try again. I haven’t personally had that problem yet. Maybe try fresh install aswell?

get this now but yarn is been there at /[system]/[builders]/

Hmm… odd. Maybe try make a vanilla server and try install screenshot-basic on it without any changes and see if it works. There might be something interfering.

have you found a fix for this i have the same problem?

Is it possible to specify the resolution or image ratio when taking a screenshot? E.g. being a square image

fxmanifest.lua > fx_version ‘bodacious’

why are no NUIs photografirt with? how can you fix that or does that generally not work?

Y’all really need to make an updated, more optimized version for this.

I get this erroer: script:webpack webpack is busy: we are waiting to compile screenshot-basic (server.confic.js)
Can somebody help me please

Having multiple issues getting this to run. Relies on yarn, webpack, etc. However, the cfx-server-data repo explicitly states that it is archived, and those resources are now in the build.

Hey i got an escrow error bcs of this script

i use the jaksams creator that use extern menus and i thin this script is blocking that scripts

but i have to use screenshot basic bcs of the phone script i got