Anyone looking for a Server Manager? Look Here!

Hello, My name is Jay! I mainly have fun working for servers as a Server manager/Website Dev meaning I would manage plugins which i have some custom ones! I would add and remove cars, The whole thing but you would still own it so forth and what not!
I also am doing this for free like most people. My time schedule is 4-9est every day but it could be different everyday depending the day! If you would like to request me as your Server Manager, Abbreviations Required=(REQ) Optional=(OPT) Please email me @ [email protected] With your Server Name(REQ), Website(OPT), Server POP(OPT), And any other details you wish for me to know!!! One last thing, Im here for fun and ive worked on servers in the past!

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Drop me a email here >> [email protected] im sure we can work something out :slight_smile: :100: