Anybody willing to make a script for the Editor?

I was wondering, since the Editor wasn’t working in Reborn, even though it would be the perfect platform to make videos on.
I however, have no skill, or any clue of how coding works haha, but I read that that was needed to maybe get it working.
So by all means, is anybody willing, or already doing it ? And also, could someone ellobarate on how difficult of task it would be to get it going ? :slight_smile:
I don’t know wether I’m asking Rome to be rebuild in a day, or to just fold a piece of paper haha.


This will be very hard because it’s a R* service.

Moved to scripting.

@jwbjnwolf The way you thought of it is way better than how I thought of it, for sure.
Some sort of recorder, recognizable by the Editor would be perfect, seeing as it is an R* service, I could see why it would be difficult.