Any way to speed up download speeds?

0.1MB/S is absolutely ridiculous, how am I supposed to download and play if it doesn’t even download? Is there an external update download somewhere?

I wish, I asked the same question I literally have been updating for the past three hours and am only at 19%

Update the game from steam first, then run fivereborn.exe. The data will be copied instead of downloaded.

@Exo I downloaded it no problem. Really quite fast actually. It must have something to do with your connection to their servers. As an example, when LOL came out EVERYONE ELSE was playing just fine but my ping was through the roof at like 10000. I had made 3 accounts to try and keep playing, but the bans caught up to me and i said, “screw it! This game SUUCCCKS!” XD Then recently they must have fixed something or someone must have done something because now i load in faster than everyone else :wink: (still don’t play it though XD)