Any server themes that are not allowed

i checked over the fivem server TOS and the normal TOS

and i can’t find anything that disallows any sort of themes a server can be

AKA - WW2 theme

i want to make it historically accurate just wondering if i could do that


Sure why not? Its actually encouraged to make diverse servers instead of just another rp server.

but it will be historically accurate

so lets keep in mind what that means - WW2 germany outfits

I dont see how or why that would be an issue. Its not against tos whatsoever.

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cheers mate

What he’s asking is if NAZI symbology is allowed… and tbh… people play as children, in a game with guns and strippers and nudity and violence and theft and drugs… so I guess, there isn’t a reason it shouldn’t be allowed tbh.

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Just check local laws for this.
As for Germany: The “Hakenkreuz” as a Symbol (or any other NS/NAZI/NSDAP/… Logos or Clothings) is not allowed to be represented in a Game.
For Germany: Most Videogames with those symbols are “indexed” by the government and they are not allowed to be sold in germany.

But a german idiom says: “Wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter” (Which means: If there is no one who sues you, there is no one to judge you)

I dont think its illegal by default :smiley:


I like that idiom lamo

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