Any recommended Hosting for FiveM?

but the ddos protection is shit

Hi i want to buy a host in your page for fivem i want the host to be in spain but the host near spain is Frankfurt in eu i want to now if the sv will be lag if you play from spain, thanks

I’ve send you an ipaddress of our Frankfurt location. Check if it is lower than 70ms, if so, it should work :slight_smile:

Ok thanks

Don’t use zap-hosting they are scammers! Better take what any the other


Zap hosting is great if you want a lot of down time, rude customer service people who will ignore everything you say out right without addressing the issue and ask if theres anythingelse they can do for you. Happy to post chat conversations with them.

I’d love to take a look at your case, something like this is never acceptable and i would like to take a look at it to see what exactly went wrong, please DM me with the chats and i will take a look.


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You are correct. I’ve been waiting 2 HOURS FOR MY SERVER TO COME ON taking my resources and leaving. So done.

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Sadly due to a change related to Github and the ESX Pack, some servers yesterday did not start up correctly, this issue has since been fixed and a restart will start your server again, sorry for the inconvienence.

I have been using AWS server for fiveM and I am very comfortable with this hosting option. So, my recommended hosting option would be AWS EC2 server. I can even help you in setting up the fiveM with the recommended host. As, this can result is saving your quality time while setting up the server.

wait you have servers in canada yet your support team can barely understand english and provides little to no support

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In the english speaking area we not only have canada as server location, also America, Australia and UK.
We currently provide live chat support 20 hours a day, from 10 AM - 06 AM UTC +1.
Between 10PM - 06 AM UTC +1 our support is managed by two american full time support agents. But also most of our german support agents speak english fluently. This is mandatory to work here. For sure, we are no native english speakers, except the night shift agents.

I would try contact support when my server would go down and it was FiveM is down, FiveM is down, blah blah blah. But yet my second server worked?

Actually the keymaster was offline between 31/10/2019 01:00 AM and 31/10/2019 08:00 AM UTC +1.The people of FiveM will be able to confirm that. This led to the servers not being able to connect to the keymaster at startup. Servers that are already started are running of course. We also sent a service news by e-mail to inform customers.
You’re describing support refusing to help. To be honest, I think that’s very unlikely. 95% of the internal reviews in our live chat are positive. I always watch the whole thing very paranoid and talk to the guys if something went badly.
Here a screenshot from our Livechat software:

I would like to know what is behind it and if it is true. I asked you via PN for your customer number/username.

what you’re describing sounds like a contract problem. We offer prepaid and contract servers. Contract servers extend automatically. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we occasionally delete an already created invoice. If you don’t like this, you can book a prepaid server instead:

If you ever have the feeling that the support can’t help you, I’m always available here in the forum via PN and will find a solution for the problem.

LMAO sure if you want 99% downtime Zap is the place…

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our uptime is much higher than that :wink: , did you contact our support yet regarding your uptime problems? We will gladly check for issues your server has.


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zap hosting is peace of shit


Dont go with zap hosting, its nothing but a terrible experience. server shits itself every 45 min, 6 backups i did through them and they all went corrupt. you would be better off using a Altair 8800 for a hosting than zap lmaoo. Money Hungry shit servers.


Don’t use zap hosting, you will have a horrible experience with them.


zap sucks guys dont


Zap hosting is one of the worst hosts