Any Pullover Script?

Has anyone found or been able to get any sort of pull over script to work with FiveReborn?

I am wondering for the purposes of not being bored during role playing patrols … having that extra thing of being able to pull over NPC cars makes it a little more involved and fun.

Thanks for anyone being able to help.

The client is still young and the server developers are working for there servers as well but if your saying you want to script but need a base script there is one script made my @kanersps you can work on that otherwise if you are looking for a well developed server that might take some time bro.

@CrazyGamer Thanks for responding, Yea i was just throwing this out there to see if anyone had something working right now either server side or client side. I guess ile just be watching and waiting for a while to see if someone comes up with something awesome. :smiley: