Any mods to help with texture loss?

I experience texture loss a lot on the server my friends play the most on, its virtually impossible to drive a vehicle around without falling through the map. I was wondering if there were any mods that compress textures more? Server staff keeps telling me to build a new PC but I don’t have any issues on most other servers.

If you have a texture loss on a server and the owners are telling “fix your pc” then their server is trash, it is caused by the server and their streaming vehicles, interiors and other things that are streamed. You cant do much about it. (On lower gta settings it might be better but still will occur)

Im aware that the server isnt the best, but its where all my friends currently play. I was just curious if there was anyway to reduce texture sizes so maybe my PC can keep up?

As Sandacz said, this is due to the server being stupid and streaming too many resources. You can lower your texture quality in settings to try help with this but really it is this particular server being lame

I don’t know of anyway to lower textures past “normal” so I’d like to know if theres any mods or anything I can do to resize the textures so that would help, I’ve seen a thread about people using openiv and xnresize to reduce vehicle texture sizes so I was hoping i can do that with the main games texture files.

Or you can ask your server’s owners to stop being so lazy and actually read the asset warnings in the server console. Nothing you can do as a player will help as much as that.


As people stated above, the only way that you could probably fix the issue is either turning your textures down to normal or contacting a developer or owner for that server. The server could have too many assets or some assets could be colliding with others.