Any FiveM Communities needing Community Managers?

If there are any Communities needing any CMs feel free to DM me on Discord Agony#7893

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Hello, We are looking for a Community Coordinator or Manager. or

Los Santos Public Roleplay is a Menu Based FiveM Community. Here at Los Santos Public Safety, we have many different things to get involved in. We have 4 major departments that include Civilian, Dispatch, San Andreas State Police, & Fire/EMS. We have a full fleet for the San Andreas State Patrol with a custom livery made specifically for the community. We are always expanding our fleets, community, and civilian possibilities.

Right now we’re looking for a great deal of staff and members. Why not apply now?


Join our discord:

Or if you’re sure we are the community for you…
Apply directly:

Check out our staff positions:

Administration Team - Hiring
San Andreas State Police (Head of Department) - FUFILLED
San Andreas Communications Department (Head of Department) - Vacant
San Andreas Civilian Operations (Head of Department) - Vacant
Los Santos Fire Department (Head of Department) - FUFILLED
Development Team - Hiring

For more details regarding our recruitment or to apply for a position, please visit this forum post on our website.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us via our discord or contact me on discord Shifty#7227, Email Recruitment, or on the FiveM forums

Many thanks,
and good luck!

hey i am looking for someone

Hey bud!

I don’t know if you still are looking but Infinity Roleplay is certainly searching for some Management! We are an ESX, Serious Roleplay Server. You will be required to go through an Application and Interview process to determine your ability as a Manager however, this is just procedure!