Another discussion about 'FiveM Linux client support'

Using dxvk would be possible to port FiveM to Linux, the question would be whether developers are interested in this path.

Currently using Vulkan and wine-devel would give to compile the project in Linux through system calls (Wine)

Today using Wine I can play the FiveM quietly by the ProtonDB ( ) maintained by Valve

Developers have already tried even very recently. It’s not possible at this time and probably never will be. There’s a certain issue/feature missing that prevents FiveM from running. Perhaps an element can shed light on which exactly, this issue is documented on some Github repo but I don’t know where (perhaps dxvk).

we know that there is always a way to solve and it will go out of the will and if there is really immitate to implement and solve the question. There are several programs written using this API and they work very well. I myself have already built several programs using Wine’s Api as a base and works without problems, even TeamViewer is built with api wine. If you find this fault send me that I will analyze it.

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I’m going to take a screenshot of the screen to get them excited about the possibility of playing fivem on Linux. Compiling the project in linux I tried most accusing dozens of errors that would take time to fix and implement:)

Importanter: Linux® build updates coming soon look thread