Announcing Titan RP 1.5 Whitelist Opening!🌟

:date:Server Launch: June 9th at 12pm BST :tada:

:cityscape:Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our city with custom outfits, bespoke heists, and thrilling adventures.

:red_car: Discover a world of customized vehicles, exciting careers, and heart-racing criminal activities.

:briefcase: Explore diverse professions or dive into high-stakes heists within our dynamic universe.

:ambulance: New Features:

Dynamic EMS System: Respond swiftly to emergencies with our new interactive EMS system.
Enhanced Graphics: Experience realism like never before with server-sided graphics mods.
Revamped Police Station & System: Uphold the law in style with our brand-new police facilities and improved systems.
More Updates to Come: Stay tuned for exciting additions and improvements to elevate your gameplay experience.

:loudspeaker: We’re recruiting for various roles including police, medical services, and more - join our team today!

:earth_africa: Join our flourishing community and help shape our vibrant, economy-driven city.

:tada:Key Features:

Varied job opportunities tailored to your passion.
Varied job opportunities tailored to your passion.
Unique custom heists for an added challenge.
Personalized vehicles to navigate our bustling city.
Stylish custom clothing options to express your unique style.

:tada:Key Highlights:

Unparalleled customization with personalized attire and heists.
Uncover a city filled with intriguing storylines and endless adventures.
Dedicated to delivering the ultimate roleplay experience to every player.
Exclusive events and rewards await our first 25 dedicated players!

:confetti_ball:Join us today and embark on an unforgettable roleplay journey in Titan RP 1.5! :confetti_ball:

:link:Apply for whitelist on our Discord server: Titan RP 1.5

:bell: Secure your spot for the exhilarating Grand Opening events - become a part of the action!:tada:

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Great new fun server to play on!, great scripts! , active admins!

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great server really nice people admin sorts any problems out straight away really good server I defiantly will be staying

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For the Next Month You will not need to make a application just join the discord and connect to the server!