ANARCHY | FREE ROAM & RP | Cali Based | Custom EUP 9.3 | Tons Of Civilian Vehicles| Hiring For All Positions | Friendly Staff

Welcome To ANARCHY.

ANARCHY Is A Project That Has Been In The Works For Some Time Now, And We Feel After Months Of Hard Work It’s To To Open Up To The Public And Share What We Have Created.

ANARCHY Is A Free Roam & RP Server Meaning If You Just want to chill cruise around and relax and enjoy everything We Have To offer then go ahead, All We Ask Is You stay out Of AOP To not interfere with those who do want to RP.

ANARCHY Is Cali Based

We Here At ANARCHY Believe That Everyone Should Be Able To Enjoy Everything A server Has to Offer So We Allow Everyone To Jump Right In. If You Want To Be LEO, (More Info Provided In The Discord) All We Ask Is You Have A Working Mic And make a ticket in the discord ( information on how to in the discord)

We Offer Tons Of Unique Things You Can Do In The Server And A Ton Of Sites To Visit. We Have Custom Houses As Well As Some Apartments, And Loads More Wont Ruin The Surprise :wink:
We Have A wide Verity Of Civilian Vehicles As Well As A Whole List Of White Listed Civilian Vehicles For Our White Listed Civilians. ( More Info On That is Provided In The Discord )
We Offer Custom EUP ( With More Customization Being Added In Future Updates ) For Both Male And Female!!!

With All This We Still Have Plans On Continuing To Update The Server With New Stuff For You To Enjoy, We Update Our Server Twice A Month With New Content Sometimes Even More So you’ll Never Know What’s New until It’s There!!!

Did I Mention We Also Have Our Very Own Vehicle Developer Who Made Some Nice Leo Vehicles And Is Still Making A lot More Awesome Things To Come!!!

–LAPD-- ( Los Angeles Police Department )
–LASD-- ( Los Angeles Sheriff Department )
–VCSO-- ( Ventura County Sheriff Office )
–FIRE/EMS-- ( LAFD/VCFD + Rangers)
–Federal Agencies-- ( More On This Is Provided In The Discord )


So If This Sounds Like A Server That Peeks Your Interest Come Check US Out!!!


some screens from the server

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LSRPC is so far the best of the best we have active Staff, LSRPC is looking for active people so we can have bigger patrol’s if your active and like to role play. Join LSRPC. LSRPC offers Departments such as SASP and much more.

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Here is what else we have…

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Join Us As We Are Currently Working On Some Custom New Activities!!!

Our Fully Custom MC, Taking Out Rivals

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New LEO Roles And Possibilities For Everyone Join For More Information.

!Bump! We now have 2 Biker MC For Anyone to join… Hiring LEO!!!

Amazing New Things Happening Come See!!!


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Our Community Has Just Grown Significantly All New Leadership, Staff, And Members, We Are now Moving From Fictional, IE: BCSO, LSSD, SASP, SAHP, | To Full California LEO Fire & EMS, So We Now Have California Sate Police Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and more… Come Join Us Today !!! :sunglasses:

Amazing O.G server Burk is a legend!! although Spencer has a small pp

Amazing Server People From All Over The World, Great Staff And Amazing People Brings A Great RP Experience For Anyone!!!

Afternoon MR Cruz, The logo was remade it is close to the original however not the exact same, the old logo is not available and the old server unfortunately did die, I started LSRPC again and its a great idea to get a few people back together without the drama, hope your well…

tbh its just a name. its also just a game. there is loads of servers that have the same name maybe not LSRPC could be something else like SSRP.

[ LSRPC ] Now For A Limited Time Will Match Your Rank !!!
must provide proof of current rank!!! Looking for a fun and exciting time join us!!! Custom EUP Custom Maps, Custom Cars And More!!!
Terms And Conditions Apply !!!

Currently In Development

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