Analyzing Game Data

This seems to be solved with the new Nvidia 496.49 driver, thankfully!


I can also confirm that this is solved upgrading to the newest NVIDIA driver 496.49 :slight_smile:

I am still having the issue with 496.49, even after a fresh DDU

Manage to resolve it by downloading an earlier version of the driver from Nvidia (471.68). The new version didn’t work for me, but the August one did.

Yeah, the issue is back on the latest driver (496.49).
It worked 100% 21 days ago.

Yeah, at this point it’s down to NVIDIA. There’s nothing the FiveM devs can do. Latest driver is 496.76 btw, that once was released on 18th and works fine afaik

Not at all, other games manage fine, only FiveM has this issue.

That doesn’t mean it’s caused by us. The dump file uploaded earlier 100% shows NVIDIA code responsible for the hang, we’re using APIs in a perfectly normal way.