An honest review from an honest person

After over 250 hours invested, this is my honest opinion on “Liquid Adrenalin RP”. Starting off, the economy seems pretty balenced and stable. Ive explored multiple jobs and ways to earn some extra money. The jobs are fun and very unique, I didnt feel as if I were doing the same thing over and over again. The job variety is also very wide spread from normal legal jobs to secret illegal jobs. It really gives you the power to choose if youd rather be a criminal or just a regular civillian. The player owned buisnesses in “Liquid Adrenalin RP” are a wonderful addition to the already unique server, Garden of Eden was especially my favorite shop. The car scene in this server is very well done with all the custom parts and paints that can be added to your vehicle through Los Santos Customs. Overall I would give this server a 9/10, “Liquid Adrenalin RP” has the potential to be one of the best RP servers to hit Fivem.


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