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“Go West, young man.”
– Horace Greeley

It’s time to pull those boots up by the straps, saddle that horse, and get to ridin’ as you head out West on American West Roleplay’s RedM server for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Don’t be wait’n to buy that wagon or train ticket for this trip. It’s the 19th century and it’s ah coming to a close, and with the current country wide economic panic, you may never have a chance like this again!
Whether you enter New Hanover as an outlaw running from the Marshals, are simply a farmer, or just a good citizen looking to make a new life in the state of Lemoyne, you’ll be sure to find an immersive world full of job opportunities and entrepreneurial connections, if you’re one to stay the true path. Or perhaps you seek out your money other ways.

No matter which side of the Law you find yourself on, you will be sure to find your posse. Believe it or not, there are many in these lands who seek the same things you do. So be proactive.
When you get here, the first city you’ll enter is Saint Denis – the largest bustling city this way out West.
Currently, to get more workers and bodies into the surrounding area outside the city and to expand its jurisdiction, an initiative has been approved by City Council to supply Americans coming West with a pistol, knife, and a jack-ass. Chief Justice, Colonel Ashley Love, the wealthiest plantation owner in Lemoyne, has funded this with other investors in hopes to create more industries and bring wealth to the territory.

Job Opportunities

A system of law exists this far West where justices and law enforcement work hard to keep things as safe as they can – though the occasional hooch drinker is left alone.
If enforcing the law in a lawless land is your forte and you are quick to duck, consider penning a letter to Justice Love about your intentions to join Law Enforcement as a Sheriff, or become a Lawyer or a Court Officer like a District Attorney.

Too small a jurisdiction? Tired of small-time corruption?

Contact U.S. Marshal Buck Shot to join the Marshals – a man who frequents between Valentine and Saint Denis. Marshals find outlaws in these lands from Lemoyne to the Indian Reservation in the territory of Ambarino and back.

Become a trapper and take part in the unique fur trading industry in Tall trees, West Elizabeth. Hunting, fishing, and logging are growing industries here as more and more Easterners come West. The demand for lumber and food has caused some panic amongst locals, thus the initiatives taken by the Justice.

If crime is what you seek… inquire on your own and Avoid the Noose, not to mention a bullet from Lawmen.

US Calvary

“Here Comes the Cavalry”
Join the Calvary in the US Army. Help cull threats from the Indian Reservation that occupies the northern portion of the West. Become the faces of a savior that protect the settlers from the savages. Be the wall that keeps the settlers, towns and the civilized man and women safe. It is the will of God!

Waptia Indian Nation

Join the Wapiti Indian Nation and Live the True Life Native to this Land, Chief Swordfish can Show you the true path if nature.

With an influx of new inhabitants, crime has been on the rise out West. Posses have formed on the outskirts of civilization (settlements, cities, towns), thus establishing the West is flourishing with opportunity.
With crime attracting unaware souls to the dangers of the west, those who had settled disagreements with the Native population already before new inhabitants arrived are now suffering repercussions of travelers attacking the Indians. Thus at times interactions with the Natives are tense and can end in gunfights

Thus at times interactions with the Natives are tense and suspicious. A system of law exists this far West and justices and law enforcement work hard to keep things as safe as they can – though the occasional hooch drinker is left alone.

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This server has a GREAT COMMUNITY OWNER!!!

This Server keeps getting better and better. The RP is great! the factions between the Indians and Cavalry gets pretty crazy at time and everyone makes the RP last so that others can get involved. The Major event going on right now could make someone really really rich, that is if they don’t get scalped in the process! Come check it out and start your own adventure with a great community