Amazon help!

GTA V version? Biker Update
Up to date? yes
Legit or Pirate copy? yes
Steam/CD/Social Club? no amazon social club
Windows version? 10

Bought my game off amazon (legit copy) it works, about a yea ago… i know a mistake…
But I am trying to run fiveborn and i get this error

![alt text]( image url)

![alt text]( image url)

any help will be nice

I attempted to help him as well… i have no idea why it wont recognize gtav.exe in the file that it shows it in in browser windows. FiveReborn just cant find it… so im not real sure… @Boss Maybe you have a better idea?

hmmm ask someone to send u the INI file for the directory placement and change it manually etc >


ahh damn that might actually work…

thanks man i will help him try that

Is the issue resolved?

@killerik @stevenehlert

@GanjaMonster @Boss

Yes it is thanks for the recommendation Ganja that worked perfectly.

Done and repaired he is in game with us.