Amazing Server.

The Boardwalk RP is a 1960’s RP server that makes great strives to give a time accurate rp experience. The server thrives on heavy Roleplayer to Roleplayer interaction which makes the feeling of a lively city. Boardwalk strives for a high risk verses reward system when it comes to crime aspects. There are many civilian opportunities from being a lowly garbage man to the owning businesses, Like finest casinos to the rowdiest of biker bars or the best fine dining experiences the 60s has to offer. The Server staff are friendly and open. The servers discord implements a ticket system for reporting bug and making suggestions, In which the staff are active into looking into adding suggestion and resolving problems from bugs. But even with all this the Boardwalk also maintains a safe roleplay space for everyone. I highly recommend this server to any experienced or novice roleplayers looking to itch a 1960s scratch.


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