Alternatives to MySQL

I’ve been using MariaDB for a couple of servers I’ve worked on as it offers some better support for JSON document functions as well as minor performance improvements, but I’m still finding alot of issues with the MySQL tech in terms of missing features. I’m more familiar in my day job with SQL Server and it offers everything that is missing from MySQL but for hobby to small community servers the pricing is a little restrictive. PostgreSQL to me is the other main viable option but I’m not sure about performance of the interfacing resources which are available. I found this GitHub - TheCarlG/fivem-postgres-async: Postgres Async Library for FiveM, but it’s 3 years since the last change. Has anyone done performance comparisons with this (or maybe other PostgreSQL resource) compared to oxmysql?

WIth “SQL Server” you are referring to Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)?

If yes, you might be interested to know that they offer a free (and limited) Express version that might suit your usecase. However, that does not support maintenance plans and has a DB size limit.

What features are you actually missing from MySQL?

Yes MSSQL. Maintaining data history with temporal tables would be nice. I’m using triggers to populate various history tables for inventories and player item exchanges. It works but can be pretty messy. When I migrate between servers it fails due to object owners not matching, as in the database name, it just tedious.
Indexed views apparently aren’t a thing.
I don’t want to have to pass a bull object to a stored procedure, I’m stunned MySQL doesn’t support default values on parameters. Common table expressions (CTE) are an incredibly efficient way to run complex queries so that would be nice (granted I don’t think PostgreSQL has that either). Could be handy to also use some geographical shape data for some stuff I have in mind (maybe it’s bound to real world lat/long rather than arbitrary coordinate systems). Use that to divide the map up into regions for GIS style querying.

I’ve only ever used express for development databases, I thought there was a licencing restriction on using it for pros anyway….maybe not.

Anyway, PostgreSQL is a solid dbms so I’m more curious to know if people have experience with it and can comment on performance of current wrappers as compared with oxMySQL.