Alternate Roleplay | NoPixel Inspired Custom Framework | Multiple Businesses Available & Allowlisted Jobs | Custom Clothes & Cars

Hey Everyone! I’m happy to announce Alternate Roleplay, a new serious roleplay community on FiveM. We are nearing the end of our development and are looking to grow our community!

Our Discord:

Discord: Alternate Roleplay

Alternate Roleplay has great stuff for everyone! Plus, there are so many opportunities available.To accommodate so many player interests, we have many jobs to help with immersion and creativity. We are currently looking to fill positions in the following areas:

  • Staff and Support Members

  • Player Run Whitelisted Business Owners and Employees:

  • Auto Exotics

  • Bahama Mamas

  • Bean Machine

  • Blackhand Customs

  • Burgershot

  • Harmony Repair Shop

  • Hayes Auto

  • Pizza Restaurant

  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport

  • Real Estate

  • San Andreas Gallery of Modern Art

  • Tuner Shop

  • UwU Cafe

  • Vanilla Unicorn

  • White Widow

  • Whitelisted Emergency Services Positions with multiple divisions and certifications available:

    • EMS
    • Law Enforcement
  • Criminals are offered unique ways to participate via drug trade, robbing, running arms, and racing.

  • We do have numerous jobs that do not require a whitelist or application. These include jobs such as: Fishing, Mining, Delivery, Slaughter, and Salvage.

  • We are content creator friendly.

Alternate Roleplay is looking for people that will help us fill our community with players who genuinely enjoy roleplay. We would love it if you would be a part of us. Please, join our Discord and look around. There are various information channels that can be used to learn about the community.


I definitely recommend Altertnate Roleplay! So many different custom activities for criminals, business employees and job holders!

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Thanks so much! I can’t wait for the city to grow =)

Great server, Great community! Been looking for some good RP for a long time, definitely got it from this server! HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!

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Underrated server! You should 100% check them out!

Love seeing the community growing!

This server is going to be a must play!! The staff is very attentive, they answer almost immediately. The amount of custom cars is unreal. So many jobs to work, both whitelisted and not. Great economy. I absolutely recommend checking out this server!!