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Welcome to Alta Roleplay!

We are a FiveM lore friendly server that strives to be unique. Unlike other Servers, we are vmenu based instead of ESX, We also do support ScriptHookV.

But what exactly do we have to offer for you? We offer:
→ Lots of different lore friendly bureaus and agencies.
→ Lots of different lore friendly fire and ems departments and vehicles.
→ A welcoming community, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert.
→ A place for you to play out your freedom, want to make a poor gang member? Sure. Want to make a rich boss man? Also, sure. And everything in-between.
→ Events that hopefully bring some fresh wind in the role-play scenarios.
→ A unique System with three main official Factions that interact with each other: Fire Department, Law Enforcement and Government
→ Systems to support the making of custom groups!

Curious? Well, join us today to find out more!

Here are a few photos from scenes we had so far:

looks okay tho. You can play on it, but still in development.


Updated List: Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire Departments

Local LEO Agencies
LSPD - Los Santos Police Department
LSIAPD - Los Santos International Airport Police Department
LSPP - Los Santos Port Police
LSSD - Los Santos County Sheriff Office
BCSO - Blaine County Sheriff Office

State LEO Agencies
SAHP - San Andreas Highway Patrol
SASP - San Andreas State Parks
SASPA - San Andreas State Prison Authority
SanFire - San Andreas Fire (Police)

Federal Agencies
FIB - Federal Investigation Bureau
DOA - Drugs Observation Authority
NOoSE - National Office of Security Enforcement

Fire Departments
LSFD - Los Santos Fire Department
LSCOFD - Los Santos County Fire Department
BCFD - Blaine County Fire Department
SAMS - San Andreas Medical Service
SanFire - San Andreas Fire