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Hello everyone my name is Alpha and I am a working developer and looking to develop servers and or server manage and fix scripts/bugs. I have worked on projects from big to small and I ensure they are all efficient due to the fact I perfect my development skills every-time I develop for clients

(Background info)
Overtime I have taken on the challenge of a developer for around over a year now and I’ve had experience creating many servers for people fixing serves and fulfilling people’s needs, I have also had experience in server management, I also have a degree in computer engineering and a diploma in network engineering, I am to add any sort of commands/scripts for a server that is needed for any sort of server you desire to have made. I can overall just make the server you wish to have not only that I can add custom buildings to the city/server. Overall I have good communication and my work ethic outstanding. I’m always developing most of the day ensuring my job gets done correctly and I ensure that teamwork is always in the mix so things get done accordingly and efficiently

(Contact info and extra info)
For any sort of questions/ business inquiries contact me in my discord @ Alpha Development Inc | FiveM and if you prefer to contact me through email my gmail is [email protected]



I am currently building a server and looking for developers who could support me in the work.
We are building a Zombie server with gangs,and lost more The server will give different possibilities.

It you are interested drop me a message
Just to help us to potting it all together wold be a big help

Discord: oMrRhino#4975

All the best

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