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Allusive Roleplay

Allusive is an inclusive and community driven FiveM server. We strive for the highest quality roleplay, while still allowing you to have fun! We are always looking for talented streamers and roleplayers to bring the best experience possible. We are looking for all types of roleplayers from Civilians, to PD, to Criminals!

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Allusive Roleplay

What can Allusive Roleplay offer to you?

:office: Player owned businesses
:red_car: A LOT of custom cars
:blue_car: Custom vehicle handling for the best experiences in races & chases
:call_me_hand: Lore-Friendly gangs
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Balanced economy
:running_shirt_with_sash:Custom clothing
:rainbow_flag: LGBTQ+ Friendly
:eyes: Tons of fun illegal & legal activities
:sunglasses: A lot of scripts to keep all players engaged at all times
:oncoming_police_car::ambulance: Whitelisted jobs
:eyeglasses: Fully optimized

→ Tons of new features coming daily.
→ Suggestions from the community open and welcome!

Ever want to try a server before you apply? Allusive is now offering Non-Member Hours!
Come check us out between 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM EST to see if our server is the best fit for you!

Whitelist Perks:

All of these include the ability to apply to these jobs/departments!
◦ LSPD - Los Santos Police Department
◦ SAFM - San Andreas Fire & Medical
◦ HKC Customs
◦ UWU Cat Cafe
◦ PDM - Premium Deluxe Motorsports

Other businesses coming soon…
You could own one of these soon with a business proposal!
◦ Vanilla Unicorn
◦ Burger Shot
◦ Pizza This
. . . And many many more!

If you have a business idea, submit a proposal and if it's something we like, we may bring it into the city!

Civilian Jobs

◦ Garbage
◦ Mining
◦ Jewelry Making
◦ Gold Panning
◦ Post Ops Delivery
◦ Scuba Diving
◦ Taxi Driving
◦ Weazel News

Illegal Activities:

Find out in character how you can become a crime lord!
◦ Chop Shop
◦ Pacific Bank Robbery
◦ Fleeca Bank Robbery
◦ Boosting
◦ Racing
◦ House Robberies
◦ Gas & Liquor Store Robberies
. . . Plus more!

Lore friendly whitelisted gangs will get access to cool perks such as, but not limited to: Custom stashes, MLOs, Clothing etc.

Pictures from the community

Allusive Roleplay welcomes you to join us!


Change-Log History ☆ Allusive Roleplay

(All of these updates are provided by our lead developer and co-owner @Umee - HUGE shout out for all of the hard work he has put in. This project would not have been possible without him! :heart:)

October 2022

◦ PD Taser Ammo fixed
◦ Rentals now give you keys, and paperwork
◦ Fixed some jobs unable to hand in receipts @ Pacific Bank
◦ Balancing of economy
◦ Fixed Cat Cafe society access
◦ Fixed PDM price/profit/commission numbers
◦ Added cats outside of UWU Cat Cafe to relief stress when business is closed
◦ Reduced impound vehicle release to $500
◦ Fixed vehicles despawning when going away from them
◦ 50+ more custom clothes added for male/female
◦ EMS/Police are now able to put downed player into vehicles without being “cuffed” or “dead”
◦ /me now shows up in text box aswell as on the body
◦ Fixed not being able to preview car modifications at mechanic shops
◦ Added oxygen tank item for your scuba suit
◦ Fixed drop off when doing NPC Taxi missions

November 2022

◦ Removed random clothing menu in MRPD
◦ Fixed a step in store robberies
◦ PD no longer gets alerts when fellow officers are shooting
◦ Removed Halloween decorations
◦ Increased range slightly from where you can take player out of a vehicle to avoid “exploit abuse” kick
◦ Players will now be removed from the vehicle on the side you are on
◦ Added short delay when placing another player into a vehicle
◦ Vehicle handling changes
◦ Additional back end optimizations
◦ Added a “scenario” for you to figure out in roleplay
◦ New HUD system, customizable to your preferences!
◦ Added ped outside of tuner shop to sell items that mechanics do when they are not online
◦ MRPD Personal garage is now working correctly
◦ Reduced price of drinks/food
◦ New command added: /bald to remove your hair under hats/helmets etc.
◦ Duplicate duty belts removed from clothing
◦ Increased speed at which you gain stress from being in a vehicle
◦ Added cigarettes as a form of destressing, can be bought at the gas station
◦ Adjusted weight values for some items
◦ Removed durability from phone
◦ Updated loading screen video to include new logo
◦ Increased Post Ops delivery job group size to 4
◦ Fixed garbage job not giving enough routes per job
◦ Updated EMS Ranks list
◦ Changed apartment shell
◦ Fixed an issue with server taking 5-ever to restart
◦ Added car rental in Sandy
◦ Added a personal garage to Harmony
◦ Fixed last package at Post Op not able to be delivered
◦ Enabled Trains for ambience purposes
◦ Optimized door locks
◦ Changed some robbery mini-games
◦ Disabled GTA kill effect
◦ Cleaned up /me text box
◦ UWU Cat Cafe’s ‘shop closed’ PED prices are now the same as in the store
◦ Reduced Oxy Run start price
◦ Jerry cans now fuel up correctly
◦ Motorcycles spawn on the floor at PDM
◦ Cops no longer get 100% of calls
◦ Custom plates can now be under 8 characters
◦ Crypto app added
◦ Car boosting has now been added, find out IC!
◦ Beards have been added to additional sections of clothing
◦ Changed the internals damage on vehicles, and lowered the percentage as to when damage effect are applied. It’s now below 60% when your car will need repairs before it starts progressively getting worse
◦ Added some vehicles to blacklist
◦ Rewrote weapon damage script
◦ Implemented Non-WL hours

December 2022 ☆ Changelog

• Fixed boosting logic with pay-out
• Reduced time between contracts given out
• Fixed a bug where vin scratching a vehicle would not allow you to store the vehicle
• Removed conflicting key binds which hopefully fixes the weird walk your character does when getting out of a vehicle
• Added new emotes
• Changed a bunch of durability factors, main one being weapons no longer degrade over time but will with use, this is subject to be changed based on server population, down the line this may revert back to time + use
• Fixed shooting not adding stress
• Fixed some handling bugs
• Fixed the weird double engine start when you take a vehicle out the garage
• Fixed a bug with respawn times
• Updated some CSS things in the phone
• Fixed duplicate garage name
• Fixed a bug with vehicles not persisting when using a hacking device
• Boost cars will now spawn with a random amount of fuel between 10% - 100%
• Complete re-write of the racing app including race alias and race position and new UI / race alias is another find out IC thing, you won’t be able to race without one but I made it fairly easy to find/figure out
• Tires that mark out the route are no longer indestructible and will fall over if you run into them
• Added option to remove cars off showcase for PDM
• Some backend changes with the phone, hopefully a little more optimized
• Fixed the delivery job bug where it would not let you progress past the second stop
• Fixed the fuel export for the delivery job, should always start with 100% fuel now
• Rebalance of econ for delivery job in line with other jobs
• Rebalance of econ with garbage job to be more in line with other jobs
• Some handling updates, mainly on some cars behavior in regards to suspension (ongoing)
• Removed degrading from Starter Guide and UWU menu
• Massively buffed PD and EMS paychecks to fall more in line with the economy, anyone found farming paychecks will be dealt with, this is to encourage more PD/EMS to be online
• Removed the notification sound
• Changed some wording for prison notifications
• Added minigame for breaking cuffs
• Added the ability to sit on benches/chairs around the map
• Changed default weather to match IRL for immersion, now you can be cold IRL whilst looking at your character be cold
• Changed some wording in the server listing to avoid confusion for people looking for a server, removed “freeroam” added “roleplay” in the tags
• Your characters/peds will now automatically turn their head to the nearest talking player
• Fixed delivery payout
• Racing app no longer shows the initial of your first name on the leaderboard
• Fixed minor bug with racing alias USB process
• Buffed delivery pay slightly
• Reduced regular armor amount to 50 to set apart from heavy armor which is 100
• Moved some loot around on the crim side with different activities
• Fixed police dispatch alerts and blips for bank robberies, should now show the blip at the bank being robbed and not spam dispatch messages for the police officers on duty
• Removed VIN scratched vehicles showing in the MDT for police under the profile of the person that scratched it
• Removed the crypto reward for VIN scratching a vehicle
• Added a location for police to crush VIN scratched vehicles
• Changed the way contracts are given out, instead of 1 every x minutes given to someone on the server, the script now gives 5 out randomly every X amount of time.
• Changed the wording on some notifications
• Changed the way vehicle locations are saved in the database to hopefully make it more consistent.
• MC Vest - In Armor
• EMS Female/Male New shirts/jacket (Ask your Chief)
• Removed duplicate reported
• Beards added to decals (Did not remove from other sections)
• Weed growing is now a thing
• Smoke on the Water is now opened
• Added some items from the general store to the liquor store
• Various activity loot pools changed
• Changed some logic for corner selling and fixed dispatch alerts for them
• Doubled the amount of vehicles available to chop
• Vehicle sales has been put back into Harmony, you can no longer sell VIN scratched vehicles but you will be able to sell your personal vehicle back for a percentage of MSRP, also removed the ability to put used vehicles out in the lot to encourage more RP to sell vehicles between other players.
• Added snowballs for when it’s snowing (Press Z to pick)
• Fixed Brawler handling, no longer flips when you turn
• Added a custom dog ped for PD (in testing)
• Some backend changes
• Removed all Christmas decorations
• Removed snowballs
• Removed the option to set walk style through dpemote menu
• Cold weather be gone

12/30/22 Changelog
• Added a new Lumberjack job to the city with an illegal aspect to it (figure it out ic)
• Added new images for new items in the server
• Added a button on the phone to sell crypto, currently set at sell for 50% (subject to change)
• Added missing drinks to Sarah @ UWU
• Added a speed limiter for vehicles (not cruise control as its exploitable) “Y” is the default key bind
• Added more locations to a thing that no one has really discovered/explored yet
• Walk styles that are selected via the radial menu (f1) should now be persistent through death/restart any anything else that use to reset it

• Updated server artifacts to latest
• Cleared the server cache
• Changed restart times to 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (your local time)
• Changed the thirst value for Kurkakola
• Tried to implement a fix for boosting contracts not being sent out
• Fixed some items that did not have a png in your inventory
• Fixed some prices for cars that were missed and updated method on how the script grabs the value
• Updated some values for the boom boxes in businesses
• Made some weapons not require the weapon draw animation like the switchblade
• Fixed minor bug with weed planting
• Fixed a minor bug with the hacking game for banks
• Updated target (third eye) to support new features for new upcoming scripts
• Changed location for mechanic stash at HKC
• Added NOS refill location so your empty bottles don’t go to waste
• Fixed the console spam for mechanic job
• Fixed bug with repairing vehicle not putting money into society for mechanics
• Attempted to fix xenon’s and neon’s resetting if you move too far away from the vehicle
• Fixed a bug with manual repairs not repairing to 100% for body and engine (very rare)
• Changed some prices with mechanic closed shop (Brian)
• Some admin control changes for better optimization
• Added 2 secret car repair spots to be discovered
• Added weed seeds to more activities, now even easier to find seeds to grow
• Added clothing rooms to MRPD, Pillbox, HKC Customs and UWU Café
• Changed some wording with the clothing script to make more sense
• Updated UWU menu to match items and prices
• Revised paycheck amounts for all jobs
• Changed the animation to look more like a hand off when corner selling
• Fixed dynamic weather, it should now change by itself from time to time
• Attempted to fix the decay difference between all types of inventory vs player pockets
• Attempted fix inventory getting stuck on screen in certain vehicles
• Dropping an item now leaves a prop instead of a floating marker
• Moved some items around different activities and peds
• Combined 2 scripts into one as both not needed.
• Completely reworked suspension on A/S class & emergency vehicles (ongoing)
• HKC doors now default to be unlocked so vehicles can be repaired and nos refilled when no mechanic is at the location
• Added the Bodhi to PDM
• When in a hospital bed, you will no longer have a fixed camera and will be able to look around

Today we hit a milestone we’d love to celebrate!
200 Discord Members, and 100 Whitelisted Members!

It may seem small, but we are mighty and have a vision. Come see why people are now calling ARP their home.


absolutely fantastic server. Staff are friendly and the community are very welcoming. Definitely worth a go! The features in the server are great! Plenty of things to do.

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This is the best most beautifullist city I have ever seen!!!

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2/3/23 Update
The following cars have been de-badged:
• Porsche 911 Turbo S
• BMW M5 (Also removed plate from the front)
• Dodge Charger Hellcat
• Porsche 911 GT3
• Lamborghini Aventador LP750

• UWU food truck livery updated
• Added some missing GTA cars to the dealer
• Handling Update (Every car should feel a little different and a lot of balance changes)
• Added the ability for EMS to call for a tow
• Moved sandy rental spot to prison
• Removed durability from mining tools
• Removed the work section in the radial for when doing the tow job
• Removed the ability to rob some stores
• Stores will now require some police presence to be robbed
• Store pay-out buffed to reflect the above
• Fixed store robbery notifications
• Reworked the bank UI and now allows you to see multiple accounts at the same time if you have access to them
• Added refresh points to the phone to make it more consistent
• Opening long text messages should now automatically be scrolled to the bottom showing the latest message
• PD evidence camera room moved to PD discord
• MRPD garage changed to allow personal vehicle storage instead of shared
• Added new spawn menu for PD vehicles that are locked to rank
• Added the ability for PD/EMS and businesses to track hours people have been clocked in/on duty
• Added a PD complaint form at the front desk of PD stations
• Changed cashgive command to /givecash ID AMOUNT
• Changed /jail command to /jail ID TIME
• Removed jail option from police radial menu as now command above
• Gang system implemented in anticipation for whitelisted gangs
• Gang management system implemented in anticipation for whitelisted gangs
• Corner selling drugs now requires some police presence
• Racing USB is now stackable
• Updated deprecated code in numerous scripts / optimizing code
• MRPD has had a fresh lick of paint
• Fixed selecting “Anonymous” when dropping a note showing your character name
• Your server ID, Character Name and Cash now shows in your inventory
• Female ped max health should now match males
• Disabled trains for the time being as it seems to get glitchy with higher pop
• Added the ability for some jobs to log hours spent on duty

Complete Prison Rework
• Added the ability for police to increase or decrease sentences giving the ability to have roleplay at the prison
• Additional jobs added to reduce your time while in prison as well as fun activities
• Various prison items added that you can do things with (find out ic)
• Jailbreak system implemented (find out ic)
• Added the ability to check who is in prison and how long their sentence is at the front desk
• Added the ability to call a person to visitation from the front desk, this will send the prisoner a notification of a visitor
• Added the ability for prisoners to make phone calls from the payphone in prison
• Checking into the prison hospital now correctly put you in a hospital prison bed
• If a prisoner somehow manages to escape without the proper jail break procedure, they will be teleported back to their cell
• Added clothing menu at the prison cells

So I took a few years break from FiveM just to chase some other endeavors. I found myself looking every now and again for a server to play on that at least had good functionality.

I stumbled upon this server at about 4:00 am my time yesterday, no idea how and I’m so thankful that I did. The staff are super active, the community is extremely welcoming and I have zero complaints. You’d be missing out big time if you didn’t give this server a chance.

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Additional February ☆ Changelog

• All real life logos removed.
• A lot of new colors of textures throughout both genders.
• New items from suggestions added.
• Some beards now have multiple color choices.

The following cars have been de-badged:
• Lexus LFA
• Mercedes E63 AMG
• Chevy Chevelle
• Police Charger
• Police Corvette

• Updated the voice script in the hopes it’s a bit more consistent with lots of players around
• Reduced the shouting range as this was increased for PD to be able to shout at people
• PD now have a megaphone to shout at people instead, added to police armory
• Microphone stand added at Vinewood Bowl that projects your voice to the whole bowl, if you got a speech to make, that is the place to do it
• Increased job limit for all jobs
• Server backend changes
• About 20 other things I cannot mention because of meta
• Fixed the issue with the gallery display pictures, it will now automatically use Imgur links instead of discord
• Few handling tweaks
• Shop ped at HKC has been moved indoors as he was keeping the door open
• Fixed issue with gang menu not being able to recruit new members, this now just takes a bit of time to update in the menu but player you are giving a role to will have it.
• Courthouse / City Hall MLO added
• City Hall ped moved to new location
• Added all DOJ things like read only access to MDT / locks for offices etc
• Added garage at the side of the city hall building

We have changed our non-whitelist hours to 4-8PM EST. Come try us out if you’d like before you apply!

End of Feb update~

This update is huuuge, so there are bound to be some things we have overlooked, please use the appropriate channels in discord to report these for us to look at. Server is also now on the latest artifacts and latest game build so you will see some new GTA cars as well as clothing.

New phone, who dis? No but seriously who is this? With the implementation of the the new phone you will lose your contacts but will keep the same number, you will just need to reshare your contact again via the settings app on the new phone.

We could explain all the new features of the phone but instead will let you guys explore! Be warned that you can create only 1 social account for each app, so pick wisely before completing the sign up process.

• Current boosting script has been replaced as the previous one relied on the old phone, the new script comes with some new features but does mean you will lose your current boosting rank, I still have all the data from everyone’s ranks with the previous script so IF you want your rank bank, open a misc. ticket.
• New boosting will allow me to set how many type of contracts are available per restart instead of me having to manually give out S/S+ contracts, the script will now do it for me
• Boosting leader board implemented, who is going to be the best booster in the city?
• Reduced the amount of contracts that are given out, it was too much previously where it felt like boosting was not a big deal, this change hopefully make it so a boost feels like other jobs where planning is needed and not just a glorified car jacking.
• You will no longer be able to drop off a boost vehicle if there are cops in the area of the drop off location.
• Taxi job has been removed as we now have Uber on the new phone.
• Taxi option at city hall removed
• Current crypto setup has changed with the new phone
• Racing has been removed for now as it was built in with the old phone, it will be back soon and better than before
• Progress bar has been redesigned
• Converted all scripts that used the email function from the old phone to the new phone
• Corner selling has been completely reworked and now ties in with gang controlled areas, target the back of your trunk to initiate
• New gang territory system for sprays which ties in with new crypto method, gang leaders will have their leader role in the new system shortly after the server is up if you are online.
• Re-organized the radial menu and moved things around due to various changes.
• Added boss menus at UWU/HKC for employee management
• Reworked business banking connection to make sure all purchases go to the correct account
• Added a progress timer to police interactions when taking people in and out of a vehicle to avoid players moving and getting kicked for “exploit”, this was happening as some players were walking too far away from the vehicle when taking people out of the vehicle, also increased the distance check slightly.
• Removed ability to change outfits at boss menus for now, will add spots back in a later update
• Removed the current impound system
• Complete rework of the tow system, now ties in with the police impound, you can set impound time and fee to be released automatically which is saved on the database
• Added “Request Tow” option in the Police radial menu work options
• Digital Den shop added for new phone things as well as other goodies :wink:
• Removed an illegal ped which was no longer needed
• Complete rework of the code for vehicle keys, increased distance and now failed attempts will result in broken lockpicks/devices
• Implemented a new multi job system now that the old phone has gone, you can press “J” to bring up the menu by default and switch between jobs, this key bind can be rebound in GTA settings.
• Consistency of going on/off duty with all jobs has been improved.
• A bunch of handling tweaks, gave RWD cars some love to be able to compete with AWD
• Removed lawyer access to MDT as never intended to have access
• Law Firm and Judges have their own bank accounts only accessible by the boss for now
• Attempted to fix the duplicated vehicles spawning
• Chop shop loot table adjusted slightly
• Deliveries and Garbage has been removed for now and being reworked due to dependency on old phone
• Rework of the vehicle dealership script allowing the ability to create multiple dealers with ease. You will only see vehicles the dealership has in stock when viewing the catalogue.

Clothing Changes
• Removed borked clothing
• Added couple more variations to some items
• Removed more logos

• 1967 Chevelle
• Police Taurus
• Ram Power Wagon
• Porsche GT2
• BMW M8
• Bentley GT
• More have been done that just not been released yet, thanks to Ben for his hard work!

2/24 Hotfixes
• Removed wet phone feature, I did not take the gold panners and rock washers into consideration LOL
• Fixed PD getting dispatch alerts
• Increased hack time for PD key bypass
• Fixed not being able to use the new phones for emergency commands /311 /911 etc
• Fixed a typo in multi job system
• Car dealerships should be up and running forgot to update DB with main update
• Fixed some missing phone notifications for oxy runs and other activities
• Fixed the phone target to show prison services in jail
• Fixed the car dealership issue maybe?, those of you who work at PDM will need a new job, just put in a report when online
• Everyone that opened a ticket about boosting ranks have been given them back
• Attempt to fix dup… quintuple vehicles spawning, attempt #12569841

2/26 Fixes
• A few handling tweaks to various motors
• Increased distance you can be from vehicle when corner selling
• Added /transfervehicle command, this will allow you you to transfer ownership of vehicles between players, must be in the vehicle you are selling
• Only police officers can use the option at the tow yard to impound a vehicle and set time/fine
• Fixed an exploit with the NPC tow missions
• You can buy hot dogs at the store, won’t fill you as much as buying food from player owned businesses but woo more options
• Attempted to fix the boosting issue with vin scratch contracts (works on my local)
• Fixed issue of vehicles not disappearing when being impounded
• Complete rework of house robberies, there is now some progression and potential to get loot that has not yet been available in the server. You will need to find a ped to initiate, won’t be too hard to find. The robberies they are like mini heists now with the ability to block police notifications if you find the way to do so. When looting house you can loot props and draws using the target system.
• Removed the fading in and out of blackness when injured as it would stop your dead if driving
• Removed /impound command from police as new impound system implemented, old code just taken out
• Fixed issue with lockpicks being able to be used from outside the vehicle, this was conflicting with new boosting script

Next Restart - 03/17/2023

• Server cache has been cleared, not been done in a while
• Fixed a bug with being able to sell drugs to the same ped infinitely, let me know if this happens again
• GT63s has been removed from the server completely
• 2 player ran businesses have been added, please don’t flock to these and wait for the owners to RP this out
• Added some more maps around city for new businesses due to dependencies, mainly 24/7’s
• Bunch of vehicles have been de-badged thanks to Ben for his hard work!
• Changed values of Triad Records DJ Booths to hopefully stop them conflicting with each other
• Added a bunch of businesses to the business app on the phone, every business that makes sense to be on there should be there
• Fixed a bug where businesses were getting double the invoice amount when customers paid via the phone app
• Tuna?
• Added repair and customize preview spots to Ottos Autos area
• Sanitation and Post Ops is back with a different look (EXPLAINED BELOW)
• Weapon draw animation is now tied to Police job and not clothing items
• Police can now use the elevators at Pillbox
• Fixed a bug with the weapons/items on the back script where you would tornado cars after coming out of an apartment, this should work flawlessly and more snappier to response of not having an item in your inventory. This also fixes losing props on your back when you do /reloadsksin or /clearstuckprops
• Changed store robbery safe locations to match new MLO
• Changed the way house robbery items are sold, I did not like the way it was, new method is more immersive
• Changed the way the props work in house robberies when you pick one up
• Some weapon handling tweaks
• Some vehicle handling tweaks

With the return of the sanitation and post ops jobs there will also be a new item you can get from Digital Den which you will need for those jobs, the tablet allows you to group up with other players for extra perks to doing the public job, these jobs aren’t designed to be done solo more so to encourage RP and interaction. A quick TLDR on using the tablet, once you go to the job location and sign in with the ped and open up the tablet and everything from there should be self explanatory, you can only click on the tablet notifications if the tablet is open. New players will spawn with this item which will also can be used to see what other public jobs are available around the city.