Allow more than 32 players

title says it all I know its possible ■■■■■■■ does it and I saw something about a year ago on these forums that devs had already reworked the code to allow more than 32 people. (no clue how that works just saw it)

This would open fivem to a lot more people, I personally dont think 32 people on this huge map works.
I think fivem has good servers listed on it but, 32 players kills it for me.

You can get more info here

If you want more than 32 slots then you need to buy FiveM Element Club Argentum on the patreon

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It’s in the works… It’s called OneSync

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onesync don t work this error

Some more information why FiveM is “late” with more than 32 slots:

FiveM uses the same network as GTA does, hence the developers need to overcome the GTA limitations as opposed to using a custom network. But, this does bring some major advantages. For example, FiveM has NPCs/AI while the other multiplayer mods do not.

OneSync in it’s current form is already great. There are some minor tweaks to be overcome and it will be available for everyone to enjoy.

Do keep in mind that despite OneSync being available for many users, since they support FiveM through a monthly donation, servers with more than 32 players is very rare. For some reason the want for >32 slots is there but the need isn’t.

I’ll keep this thread open as a lot of people seem to misunderstand this


It certainly does work, this error doesn’t say anything about OneSync. OneSync requires, as said in the #announcements, you to adapt scripts. Script makers need to learn what these differences are.


yes, but where do I change <32 to <255? I do not understand very well I’m sorry for my English

That’s something off topic. I suggest you read the explanation of which type of loops you need to change in the #announcements. TLDR: Any loops that loop over players

thanks I tried to ask the original post but no one helps me or responds anyway thanks :slight_smile: