All Weapon components/modification (jcomp)

curious would there be a way to restrict this to a job?
Like police only?

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what is the command to activate it? I already have M key used…

It was a suggestion, its not implemented

Please, suggest what you want to add or modify to this script, and I will work on whatever you want for the new version.
Thank you

if we could restrict it to a job, id purchase now.

In next time

any chance of knowing when? interested in script, but def want to restrict to only allowing the police force to use. Let me know!

In next version

hello i have buy that but i press M and nothing happens

You need to use the weapon in your hand

Hello, I buy this. I press m with weapon in my hand and nothing happens. No script errors nothing, no problems with nui, just refuses to open.

This version ever come out