All I Want to fly

All I want to do is go online and do some filming from the air (hot air balloon or other method).
I do not wish to interact with any one (grief) I just want to do some filming.

I want to do it “Online” because I want to film my camp and Cripps and a few others that are only in the Online game. Someone suggested that RedM was the solution.

Can anyboy explain how to do the Online part of the game and fly too? I’ve been working on this ofr weeks and can’t figure it out. (I have done this easily in Story Mode…I just need to do it in Online)


You will not be able to access your Red Dead Online camp or anything else in RDO.

I hear you, but do you know how others do it? I have been Online and been griefed by people using a Mod Menu (my horse turned into a UFO, I was fire-bombed and a hundred other things)…

How were they able to do it?

They were using cheats which are not allowed to be discussed here.

You can do this stuff in RedM but you have to use the scripting engine to do it, and you would have to own the server you’re doing it on.

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